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The Vampire Diaries recap: 'Handle With Care'

The race for the anchor brings out familiar behavior in Stefan, Damon, and Katherine

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The Vampire Diaries
Annette Brown/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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The good news: The race for the anchor was much shorter than the race for the cure. The bad news: Stefan got his memory back, and with it, the pain of months spent drowning in a safe. Amara, who turned out to be the anchor, drank the cure because she’d just spent 2,000 years desiccated in a box. She wants to die. Granted, there’s a difference between 2,000 years and one summer, but Stefan will be going through a form of PTSD now, too. I don’t want to lose the lightness that’s made this season’s scripts such a pleasure. Here’s hoping Stefan and “Crazy Pants” (Damon’s nickname for Amara) consider laughter through tears their favorite emotion.

I always write “Let’s dig in,” but that phrase is apropos this week: Katherine was about to dig into a large breakfast when the waitress told her that leaving the gray streak in her hair was a bold choice. I’m a little surprised Katherine didn’t kill the woman. Then again, now that she’s free to be whatever she wants to be, she doesn’t want to be incarcerated.

Damon and Elena were at Salvatore Mansion snuggling by the fire and debating how good a day it was about to be when Silas made his entrance. “Good morning, frenemies,” he said, ready to get his death on. Over at the cabin Tessa now calls home, Stefan awoke to a near-empty tequila bottle and Tessa bearing magical hangover berries. “Get up, gorgeous. Your doppelgänger dies today,” she told Stefan, having stolen a peek at his phone. Cut back to Team Silas: Elena wasn’t sure they could trust him to trade his life for Bonnie’s. “You’re kinda evil. No offense,” she said. None taken. He assured her that he was in: He just has to find the anchor, destroy it to destroy the other side, die, and finally be at peace. He knew roughly where the anchor was — in a stockyard in New Jersey (“Snooki’s backyard,” in Damon’s words). Silas was in such a great mood: When Jeremy appeared with his crossbow, Silas knew how excited Jeremy must be: “Didn’t you and the Bennett witch used to [click-click, whistle]?” he said. They were all on the same side for the moment, so Damon told Jeremy to “Put the damn crossbow down, Pocahontas.” All the doubting made Silas feel ganged up on. He’d hate to do something crazy, he said, like make a fiery jazz had. Seriously, Silas was loving his life: He feels like he’s constantly reinventing himself. “I’m like a supernatural Madonna, don’t you think?” (Or, at least as cocky as Kanye?)

Stefan was hating his life at that moment because Amara, who also seeks the anchor, wouldn’t tell him anything. He joked that he needed to be drunk to understand this story. Join the club! The Travelers have had possession of the anchor for 2,000 years and keep it moving so neither her nor Silas can find it. Silas didn’t want Elena to come along on the road trip to Jersey because he didn’t want to stare at a face that looks like Amara’s (shame you can’t relate, Damon), so she stayed behind and it was men only. When Tessa went to leave, confident she’d thought of every possibility for how the day could unfold, she couldn’t exit the cabin. She’d forgotten that she once taught Silas a spell to keep people stuck inside a location until sundown.

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