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The Vampire Diaries recap: 'Monster's Ball'

Damon teamed with Silas, while Katherine got two big surprises

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The Vampire Diaries Halloween 02
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The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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Technically, everyone survived the Whitmore Historical Ball, which is shocking. But that wasn’t the only twist in this episode. Katherine is Nadia’s mom. Katherine is dead… wait, Katherine is alive. Tyler and Caroline are officially over, and he’s apparently headed to New Orleans. Let’s dig in.

We opened with Dr. Maxfield tempting new vampire Jesse with blood. He’s studying what’s been happening to him since his transformation. It’s three days since he’s been fed. His body is burning up, which is presumably why he’s shirtless. It doesn’t take a scientist to know the subject is hungry, Maxfield. But whatever that guy is up to, he thinks Jesse is a good candidate for it.

While Caroline has been distracting herself by having tons of reunion sex with Tyler, Elena has been avoiding talking to Damon on the phone. Instead, she’s been sharing her exposition with her diary: “Dear Diary, do you ever get sick of me writing about death?” It’s been four days since Bonnie’s funeral, and Elena is back at school trying to move on by discovering what Maxfield, who covered up Megan’s death, really knows. Damon will not be denied his screen time: He popped up at the school to accept Elena’s invitation to the Whitmore Historical Ball. It’s the one time of year that the college’s entire collection of artifacts is put on display and people dress up as historical figures. In between morning sex sessions, Caroline informed Tyler that to make up for the fact that he was MIA helping a werewolf pack in the land of no cell reception, they’d be attending it dressed as Bonnie and Clyde. Even Stefan is going. So suck it up, Tyler. Meanwhile, the boy we’d come to know as Aaron was out on campus paying his respects to Megan, Elena and Caroline’s dead roommate, at a sad makeshift memorial. He seemed to know her death wasn’t a suicide and that Megan’s flower of choice was sunflowers. He wouldn’t give Elena his name.

Silas and Nadia had a phone chat and continued to fight over possession of Katherine, aka the “brown-eyed bitch of a cure.” He may not have his super mental powers now, but he does know how to track a call. (How? I would’ve liked that explained.) Katherine, who was starving, offered Nadia some woman-to-woman advice: You don’t piss off the diabolical ones. Why not just hand Katherine over to him, let him sip her blood, and all go their own ways? Maybe don’t offer to hand yourself over to the diabolical ones without knowing the full story, Katherine: Nadia said Silas doesn’t just need a drop of her blood — he needs it all. So she’s Season 2 Elena now.

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