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The Vampire Diaries recap: Remembrance Day

As Stefan learned and rejected who he was, Bonnie finally accepted her death

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The Vampire Diaries Recap
Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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It’s no secret that many TVD fans had been ready for Bonnie Bennett to go bye-bye for a while by the time she died. I’d say the only frustrating thing about season 5 has been her insisting Jeremy keep her death a secret from everyone. So I really didn’t expect to cry when her friends finally learned the truth. I made it through everyone placing something on her makeshift gravestone, but when Jeremy picked up that bell, suddenly I burst into tears. It was real. And when she spoke to a sobbing Caroline — I lost it more. Candice Accola crying always guts me. And then Tyler returned. It shouldn’t take a friend’s death to bring your boyfriend back. Does this mean we have to forgive him for his absence? He still needs to win me over (which can be done if he brought my favorite chenille blanket with him). Let’s dig in.

We opened with amnesic Stefan reading his journals from the Ripperific Roaring ’20s. “Let me guess, fun brother,” he said, referring to himself. “Safe brother,” he said, motioning to Damon. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking, because I would have done a spit-take. So hilarious. Damon crashed the car and sent it rolling to prove he is most definitely the fun brother. We learned it was time for Mystic Falls’ Remembrance Day, a tradition that involves ringing a bell to acknowledge a fallen loved one and toasting to them. Caroline, who’s been boning up on all things biology to help Stefan, impress Dr. Maxfield, and spend time with her tutor Jesse, told Elena she planned to take him with her to study in the graveyard during the festivities. Damon, meanwhile, explained the tradition to Stefan: It goes back to the 1820s, when everyone was so paranoid about cholera, they would occasionally bury someone alive. People began insisting they be buried with a string attached to a bell above ground. Families would wait graveside for 24 hours to see if they heard it ring. Now it’s just an excuse to get hammered. And speaking of drinking, Stefan was getting thirsty looking at the waitress. Not that he’s a shrink (“I’m no shrink, right?” “Right.”), but maybe he only turned Ripper when he drank human blood from the vein because of all the trauma and guilt associated with his early days as a vamp. Since he can’t remember any of that, maybe he could drink and not kill now. Damon told him not to find out.

The next scene was the funniest of the episode. We got to see Jeremy doing shirtless push-ups on a rug at Salvatore Mansion. Bonnie likes to watch, too. “You working out is my main source of entertainment,” she told him. He’s just working off some extra adrenaline. “And every girl on the other side thanks you for it.” Sigh. Swoon. Rewind. Matt phoned Jeremy to come to his place, which meant Jeremy had to put on a shirt. Boo. Matt was determined to find out the cause of his blackouts, so he’d set cameras up all over the house. Like Damon and Elena, who’d tried contacting Bonnie for help with Stefan, he’s pissed that Bonnie’s not returning his calls to help figure out what Nadia has done.

People have been talking about how hot Silas is this season, but Stefan was damn sexy in this episode. Steamy scene #1: He cornered the waitress he’d been eying earlier and compelled her not to scream or move. He said he didn’t want to hurt her or rip her head off. The thought of killing her scares him, but the hunger inside of him is just so much more powerful. His face was so close to hers. I may have forgotten to breathe for a second. Damon swooped in to stop him right before Stefan’s fangs made contact. Today, Damon is the safe brother.

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