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The Vampire Diaries recap: Gone Girl and Lost Boy

Enzo’s search for Maggie comes to more than one tragic end as Markos reveals more of his plan

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The Vampire Diaries Man On Fire
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The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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As is so often the case with The Vampire Diaries, we got to like a character most right before he was killed. We’ll keep seeing Enzo since he’s now determined to make Damon pay for killing Maggie in 1960 — and Stefan pay for his role in Enzo’s assisted suicide. Ghost Enzo as a villain is cool, of course, but this is the rare occasion when a guy is hotter playing good: The look of love that actor Michael Malarkey can give a woman is one that stays with you. I want to see good Enzo again! Let’s dig in.

We opened with Elena studying with tutor Stefan. She needed a distraction so she’d forget that Damon basically declared her dead to him. That would be the only time anyone on this show studies. Bonnie showed up to cram because she was in acceptance denial of the threat of her impending death. Funny, I hadn’t yet thought of it the way she put it: As the anchor to the Other Side, she only exists as long as it does. Even as someone who’s been okay with the show putting Bonnie out of her nothing-to-do-here misery for a season (or two), I felt a little sad. Then again, when Elena pointed out that Alaric, Grams, and other characters we’ve loved and lost would be gone as well if the Other Side disintegrated, I thought, is Bonnie going to get saved, AGAIN?

Jeremy and Matt tore apart Tyler’s house looking for the Traveler knife (which we know Markos has seemingly destroyed). Pause to appreciate Jeremy’s pretty blue Henley… and continue. Damon showed up wanting the knife so he could help de-passenger the good folk of Mystic Falls, and the boys had to tell him it was missing. That went over well. They finally realized they hadn’t seen Tyler in a while.

Tyler was chained, like Elena had been when Katherine was inside her, so that Markos could figure out how long Julian had inside of the hybrid before Tyler surfaced. Markos gave a speech reminding us how the witches cursed the tribe so nature would turn against them if they tried to settle as a people. They can break that curse, but first, they needed the power to undo a witch’s magic. Okay. Confusing. Sloan was the guinea pig. She drank from Tyler’s wrist (hot). Then Markos slashed her throat (not hot).

Damon called Enzo asking for help with finding Tyler and the knife because he didn’t think it was a good idea to let Tweetledee and Tweetledumber (ha!) out of the house. Smart. Enzo had other plans though. He crashed Elena’s study party and told her and Stefan about Maggie. The flashback of Enzo smiling at her through the bars of his cage — so sweet. But hold up: Sloan had given Enzo a crime scene photo of a decapitated Maggie in Mystic Falls dated 1960. Stefan said he wasn’t a Ripper then, so it wasn’t him. Enzo had enlisted Liv’s help to brain-torture Elena and Stefan so he’d talk (or some rugby players would hurt Luke).

After we got another flashback that led me to believe Enzo had clung to the image of Maggie’s breasts and legs as much as to that image of her face (let’s be honest, Enzo), we saw that he had Stefan and Elena’s hands bound with vervain-soaked restraints so he could read from the diary found with Maggie’s body. Bonnie tried to text Damon, so Enzo called him and told him, in a round about way, that he was going to kill Elena or Stefan — eye for an eye. Flashback to Nov. 8, 1960, election night. Stefan did bite a lady, but it wasn’t Maggie and he let her live. Maggie found him, called him more handsome than Damon (sorry, Delena fans!), and told him she’d been looking for Damon for two years — since she’d learned he’d caused the fire that she assumed killed Enzo. We knew that she wanted to kill Damon before Stefan did, but she told him quickly. Even though Stefan thought Damon was a lost cause then, he wasn’t about to let her kill him. So he vamped out — to scare her out-of-town, he said.

Enzo threatened Bonnie, so Stefan said fine, he did it. I didn’t believe him. Bonnie got escorted upstairs and told Liv that she knew she was hoping Enzo would kill Stefan or Elena because then, the Travelers couldn’t use their doppelgänger blood and the witches win. Enzo threw a stake at Stefan’s stomach. NOT THE ABS!

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