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The Vampire Diaries recap: Resident Evil

Markos revealed himself as the Travelers became passengers in various bodies (one of them quite hot)

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Annette Brown/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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This is one of those TVD episodes where I’m not sure if I’m supposed to not understand something yet, or if I just missed something/am dumb. Markos still needs Elena and Stefan’s blood because it’s what will allow the Travelers to band together in one place, where their power is strongest, and not have the witches be able to wipe them out with a plague or natural disaster? So they want to use their peak power to get rid of the witches on the Other Side? Or what’s their ultimate goal? (Be kind if I’m missing something/dumb.) Let’s dig in.

We opened with Elena journaling at a table outside the Grill. A page blew away, and Stefan stopped it before it went too far. After they had flirty banter over the quality of her writing, she introduced herself and then a car horn snapped them both out of the vision. In real life, Stefan was standing in the street, and Elena woke up in bed.

Enzo and Damon talked about their respective lady problems over a game of pool at Salvatore Mansion, and then we cut back to Elena, who had a vision of Stefan walking her home after a movie she couldn’t concentrate on watching. It’d been their first date, and they wanted to see each other again. It was nice to see Elena’s house one last time — and a surprise when Elena said that it was her father who’d turned on the porch lights to put an end to the perfectly-framed first kiss. Caroline’s voice snapped Elena out of the vision, and then Miss Forbes used said voice to tell Elena that she was probably just fantasizing about Stefan because she’d broken up with Damon. But then Stefan called Caroline to tell her about his vision, and they realized something was really going on.

Bonnie still couldn’t get Jeremy to call her back. She got distracted when a serious-looking Grams made an appearance. The word on the Other Side is that the witches think the Travelers did a number on Bonnie so someone could get through. Markos, of course. Grams said something was off on the Other Side (like this episode’s dialogue? those industrial-sounding terror noises?). Bottom line: the witches are scared.

Liv had to make sure “the three stooges” had no passengers in them, so while Hunter Jeremy was immediately cleared, Tyler and Matt each had to stab themselves with the all-important Traveler knife. Liv enjoyed the pain a little too much. Damn you, director Paul Wesley, you missed a chance to have Matt take off his shirt and get that shoulder wound stitched up or at least bandaged. Liv’s coven has been tracking Travelers for thousands of years. They’re always on the move, but there have been a few times in history when they stop to gather. No one’s ever noticed because one by one, they’ve taken over the town by putting passengers in the townsfolk. They’re doing the same thing in Mystic Falls. Not Sheriff Forbes!

NEXT: Matt breaks on through to the Other Side