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The Vampire Diaries recap: 'While You Were Sleeping'

As Elena and Damon dealt with their toxic relationship, a new doppelgänger entered the story

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The Vampire Diaries 516 Recap
Annette Brown/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
The CW

I have to say, I was skeptical that I’d want to continue seeing Enzo (however hot he is), or ever find the Travelers less than annoying and the witches actually interesting, but…this episode might have done it. I mean, I could still do without the Travelers chanting for hours, but I’m up for anything that gives Paul Wesley more screen time (read: another doppelgänger). Now that Liv and her brother Luke seem to have a plan for Bonnie, I’m even willing to sit through that. And watching Caroline and Enzo fight might be highly entertaining. Let’s dig in.

Elena woke up in her dorm room having a dream that I’m very glad was a hallucination because she shouldn’t be doing tequila shots at a college bar with her underage brother. P.S. You’re all still underage, Hallucination Elena. Clearly, she’s harboring some anger that her friends didn’t recognize that Katherine had taken over her body sooner.

She went downstairs, and Stefan told her Whitmore had cleared out for spring break and she’d been in and out since she first came to. Turns out, they had Bonnie’s new witch friend Liv seal Elena in the building because she has a lot to catch up on — like about three weeks’ worth of drama — and an appetite that she can’t control. Caroline was out looking for the antidote, they had a plan to keep Elena’s thirst satiated, and oh yeah, she was asking to see Damon.

He was still in the Salvatore Manson cellar receiving his rations, this time from Jeremy and Matt, who reminded us (and Damon) that Elena still doesn’t know he killed Aaron. Elena called Damon from the dorm pay phone since Katherine had locked her out of her cell phone. Elena said she still wants to fight for Damon; Damon was looking forward to hunting her down and giving her “the most mindblowing night” of her life after they’re cured and no longer want to feed on each other. When the subject of things she needs to fix came up — like however Katherine had been handling school — Damon had a chance to tell her he’d killed Aaron and didn’t. Stefan showed up with a new cell phone for her, along with four ounces of his blood in an adorable tiny water bottle. She wanted more. Badly.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Enzo both ended up at Wes’ makeshift lab. After they exchanged jabs (she does have a thing for accents), he claimed to have the antidote. She called Stefan and told him about the Ripper virus now having werewolf venom added. She told him there was good news, but to get it, he had to meet her at a location that the Travelers don’t want any witches to know about. Before Stefan left, Elena asked why Katherine had stayed in Mystic Falls and guessed it had been for him. He told her they had kissed and he’d pulled away.

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