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The Vampire Diaries recap: 'No Exit'

Katherine tries to use Damon’s appetite against him, and Stefan and Caroline finally get a clue

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The Vampire Diaries
Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

TV Show
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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
The CW

Does Stefan not realizing Katherine had taken over Elena’s body mean he has to cut her some slack for not guessing he was buried alive all summer? Let’s dig in.

We opened with Damon and Enzo in a farmhouse awaiting the rise of Enzo’s newest vampire so Damon could feed on him. Enzo is smart — he knows Damon can last about eight hours before he needs to eat, so as long as he can get him someone else before the time is up, they can stay friends. As Enzo sadly noted, he’s the last one Damon has. After Damon confirmed the farmer’s wife left him for a pastor a pharmacist (bet won!), he devoured the guy until his head popped off. No one on the TVD set enjoys having a bloody mouth and chin more than Ian Somerhalder.

Stefan, meanwhile, was looking all kinds of yummy lying on a leather couch helping “Elena” study for a history test. Katherine caught herself disagreeing with the textbook but covered well by saying she’d written a paper about the Holy Roman Empire in high school. They were interrupted when Caroline arrived with files from her mother, Sheriff Forbes, confirming Damon’s bloody trail. Stefan felt guilty letting him go after Wes once he realized Damon’s now feeding on vamps. Caroline got a call from Tyler, who told her Matt had gone missing after assuring him that he would avoid Nadia since she’s been compelling him. So while “Elena” went off with Stefan to look for Damon, Caroline volunteered to go help Tyler find Matty.

While Katherine packed, disapproving of Elena’s wardrobe, she phoned Nadia and told her that we all (read: the show’s writers) love Matt or he would’ve been dead a long time ago, but no one was worth her secret being blown. She told Nadia to kill Matt before she got back into town or she’d do it herself. We’d miss Zach Roerig’s awesome facial expressions, like when Nadia asked Matt what “canoodling” meant, so I was thinking Nadia would continue to wait for the vervain to leave his system so she could simply compel him again. Someone who wouldn’t be quite so lucky: Enzo. As he and Damon tried to leave the scene of their latest crime, they heard the Travelers chanting. They were trapped in the house. Wes wanted to run an experiment: How long could Damon last before eating his only food source if it was his best friend?

At a gas station, “Elena” and Stefan recapped where they stand on Damon’s redemption: Stefan is holding out hope; she is only there for Stefan because she can’t handle the rollercoaster of caring about Damon. When Stefan went inside to get them something to eat, Katherine broke something in his car (and the wardrobe department gave us a chance to admire the shape yoga has given Nina Dobrev). Back in the house, Enzo tried to convince Damon to call Stefan or Elena because his life was worth it. Damon just didn’t want to risk feeding on them.

When Stefan discovered his car was broken, Katherine took the opportunity to ruin her shirt and get grease all over herself — men are so stupid — so she could suggest they get a hotel room while they wait for the car to be fixed. Stefan resisted, but Katherine gets what Katherine wants. Nadia was giving an even better performance helping Matt convince Tyler and Caroline that he and Nadia had been canoodling in Atlantic City for the last couple of days. I guess it’s not so hard to believe he’d party with a woman who’d compelled him after he went to Europe with Rebekah, who ran him off the road and killed Elena. Point take, Tyler. But Caroline was suspicious.

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