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The Vampire Diaries recap: The Devil Inside

Fights for Elena’s body and Damon’s soul are waged as Caroline’s secret comes out

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The Vampire Diaries 512 Recap
Blake Tyers/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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Do we believe, for a second, that Elena’s spirit is lost for good and Katherine’s has a permanent home in her body? No. But it will be interesting to see what kind of trouble/emotions Katherine can stir up in her quest to win back Stefan before all is made right. Let’s dig in.

We opened with Katherine posing as Elena, ripping off Matt’s vervain bracelet, and telling him she needed a crash course on all things Elena from her compellable best friend. “Play along with my secret, Mattypants,” she said. He was able to tell her the dress she was wearing wasn’t Elena’s but the shoes were (very attentive, Matty), and he claimed Elena liked Caroline and Bonnie equally (Katherine had been hoping he’d say she liked Caroline more; we all like Caroline more, Matt). I loved that Katherine wanted to know the meaning of the red streak in Elena’s hair. I, too, am over it. She also asked why Elena had broken up with Matt. Interesting.

Nadia told Katherine that Traveler Mia needed Katherine’s corpse to make Katherine’s body-snatching more than temporary, and Nadia wisely chained her to a hotel bed in case Elena’s spirit popped up while she was gone. Nadia went to Salvatore Mansion and told the brothers that Katherine had asked to be buried with her family in Bulgaria, but Damon, who’d just returned home from burying Katherine’s body, wouldn’t give it to her. They got into a little physical altercation. Is it just me or is this version of bad Damon not as fun as original bad Damon?

Tyler, meanwhile, was at his mansion drinking heavily in the morning. Not cute, even with his killer biceps on display in that sleeveless shirt. Naturally, the thing to do for someone who’s day-drinking is to throw them a party. Matt told Tyler to clean the house. Cut to Caroline stress-cleaning her dorm room in a low-cut tank top that made me think maybe Aaron would fall for her. Nope. He was there to ask Caroline to tell Elena that he’s come into his trust fund and cut off the funding to the Augustines and he’s sorry about everything. Aaron went back to his room. Cue the return of Enzo.

Stefan told Caroline he’d like her to help get Damon and Elena back together. She found it hard to believe it’s what he’d want: “Elena and Damon, or Damon and Elena, or I know that there’s a nickname in there somewhere,” she said, giving a nice shout-out to the, let’s call them passionate Delena fans. Stefan said he believes Elena makes Damon happy, which means he’s not out there killing people. Caroline conceded that point. Then they realized Elena was lying to them about where she’s staying. Elena’s consciousness came forward and she guessed what Katherine had done. She got herself unchained and to her phone, but Nadia was there to stop her from calling Caroline back. With one word, she summoned Katherine.

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