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The Vampire Diaries recap: Karma is a D---

As Damon and Enzo get bloody, Katherine tries to get close to Stefan

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Annette Brown/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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Raise your hand if you were thinking you couldn’t take another episode of Damon being bad just to be bad. It’s a little been there done that. But Damon wanting to feed on vampires instead of humans? Now that is something new to look forward to. (Enzo’s days are numbered, right?) Let’s dig in.

We opened with Katherine happily journaling about her new life as Elena, complete with slippers and great lipstick and the ability to delete photos of Damon on her cell phone and set a shot of Elena and Stefan as her wallpaper. Hilarious.

Bonnie got to show up this episode because the girls are back at college and gearing up for the annual Whitmore Bitter Ball for the single. We saw enough of them sitting in class to witness Bonnie spying a girl using magic to move a pen. See what happens if you go to class, Bonnie?

Stefan found Aaron’s car, with Aaron dead in the trunk. Damon and Enzo had had some folks over, and they made a mess of the study in a drunken stupor. I’m sorry we didn’t see that. Wes is next on Enzo’s hit list, and Damon is happy being bad. “So get another hobby, brother, because I’m not in the mood to be saved,” he said. Stefan told Damon he was better than this; Damon said he’s better LIKE this. It’s the return of the eyebrow acting, folks!

For a moment, I did feel bad that Nadia is relegated to Matt-sitting duty so Katherine can phone and ask him important things, like if Elena would casually hit on Stefan a certain way (and then Nadia can compel Matt to forget that she or Katherine asked). But Katherine reminded us that Nadia had that threesome with Matty Blue Eyes in Prague, so she can deal.

Wes was back into research mode at a deserted hospital, having grabbed a superhot janitor. He’d already turned him into a vampire and was getting ready to do more when a superhot woman miraculously found him and said she’d like to fund him. In exchange for her money and protection, she wanted Wes to analyze blood for her. He wasn’t in the mood to partner, but she told him about Aaron most likely being dead and that he was next.

Enzo and Damon had kidnapped Diane, the head of campus security, to find out where Wes was. She didn’t know. That made her a dead-end. Or, just dead. Enzo did the neck-snapping, but Damon was fine with it. Team Stefan! (I’m kidding. I’m kidding.)

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