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The Vampire Diaries recap: O Bloody Night

While Damon and Jeremy have breakthroughs, Tyler’s plan to take out Klaus ends badly (but awesomely)

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Vampire Diaries Recap
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The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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I think we can all agree that Klaus’ massacre of the 12 hybrids to the tune of “O Holy Night” is probably the best scene of season 4 to date. Hearts ripped out, decapitations, blood splatter on Klaus’ clothes and face — you couldn’t help but cheer. We needed this. The show needed this. R.I.P. Carol Lockwood (read our interview with Susan Walters, who also reminisces about her glorious death on Melrose Place, here). Let’s dig in.

So if Damon wasn’t going to release Elena from the sire bond, he did the next most decent thing: He refused to sleep with her. They woke up, fully clothed, in the same bed. He was already feeling guilty. He knows what he should have done. Instead, he got up to change his shirt so we got to see some skin (very creative, writers!). Elena insisted this feels real to her and essentially dared him to send her away. Damon said what he really wanted to do was throw her back in his bed and never let her leave. She told him to do it, which I’m guessing is what everyone was screaming at their TVs. Sadly, Elena’s phone rang. “Saved by the cell phone,” Damon said. Bonnie wanted Elena to meet her at the Gilbert family lake house, where she’s trying to teach Jeremy not to kill Elena. Elena asked Damon if he wanted to come. (I do not want to hear what you screamed at your TVs then.)

Stefan, meanwhile, visited Klaus so he could critique the postmodern snowflake painting he’d just finished for the Winter Wonderland charity event and try to find out where Klaus is keeping the sword he’d retried from Alexander the Hot’s grave. Klaus was chatty and told Stefan how the sword is needed to decode the marks on the tattoo, which is a map to the cure. Hayley made an announcement to the antsy hybrids — she’d found the witch that’s gonna save their lives — and Tyler finally revealed the plan to Caroline: This witch was supposed to do the body jump spell on Klaus and put Klaus in Tyler’s body, then encase Tyler’s body in cement and bury it until the hybrids had safely disappeared. Caroline was not happy to hear about this, obviously. But as the first hybrid, Tyler felt the need to finish this.

As if that wasn’t enough to comprehend, we next cut to Jeremy chopping wood in a white tank top that should seriously be the only thing that young man is allowed to wear on the show ever again. Exact quote from my notes: “New effing mandate.” He got a little testy when Elena and Damon pulled up. He said they shouldn’t be there. But he trusts Bonnie, and she said they’re there to help him. So was Professor Shadypants, as Damon calls Shane. The lake house is now in Jeremy’s name, so he had to invite Elena in. He did — so he could try to stake her.

Back at Salvatore Mansion, Stefan was wearing a fairly sexy V-neck when he got the frantic call from Caroline saying, “my boyfriend is a dumbass martyr.” Caroline told him they need to get that sword from Klaus today before Tyler gets to him. The real point of this call was to establish that Stefan assumed Elena was at her house, and not with Damon who was supposed to take Jeremy to the cabin with Bonnie solo.

As Caroline entered Klaus at the Winter Wonderland event, she gave Stefan the go sign to fetch the sword from Klaus’ safe. Only the sword wasn’t there. While snooping around, Stefan found old love letters. Random, but okay. Stefan told Damon the sword was missing, and since they need Klaus around until they could find it again, Damon told him to either kill Tyler or tell Klaus what Tyler is up to with the hybrids so he’d do it. Stefan said no one was killing Tyler. And the real point of this call was to establish that Damon is repeatedly lying to Stefan about Elena — he told Stefan she was probably out running around trying to figure out how to deprogram Jeremy and hadn’t taken him telling her to stay away from him well.

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