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The Vampire Diaries recap: Game of Thrones

Klaus gets life-changing news in New Orleans and decides to reclaim his kingdom

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Vampire Diaries Recap
Skip Bolen/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
The CW

HAYLEY IS PREGNANT WITH KLAUS’ CHILD. What was your reaction? I screamed, “What?… What?… What?” at my TV, then laughed at how giddy a show pulling off that huge of a twist makes me. I never saw it coming. Let’s dig in.

Katherine showed up at Salvatore Mansion and told the brothers that Klaus was gone — Hayley was just the thing they needed to get Klaus out of their lives for good. Hayley was in New Orleans, showing more cleavage than ever. Now we know she has a pregnancy craving for gumbo, which is cook/witch Sophie’s speciality. Hayley told Sophie’s sister, Jane-Anne, that no one in the French Quarter remembers her family, and Jane-Anne said that’s because werewolves were run out of town years ago. She told Hayley she’d find them in the bayou. Oh, and she stole a piece of Hayley’s hair. I was thinking for some kind of locator spell.

The sisters went to Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, and Sophie clearly didn’t want Jane-Anne to do whatever she was about to do there, but Jane-Anne said they need Hayley to get to Klaus. Hayley drove to the spot Jane-Anne had circled on her map, and Jane-Anne somehow set the map on fire. Hayley threw the map out of the car, so I expected the fire to build, but no, Hayley just found herself surrounded by witches. When Jane-Anne blew out a candle, Hayley fainted, and it was Sophie who caught her.

Back in Mystic Falls, Elijah told Rebekah about Klaus going to New Orleans, probably to “silence and slaughter” whoever was threatening him. We cut to Klaus walking happily in the French Quarter. Rebekah said she was hoping the witches there had found a way to kill Klaus once and for all. Elijah would go solo then. He was determined to find out who was plotting against Klaus, and then he’d either stop them or help them depending on his mood. Daniel Gillies has the best delivery on the show.

Klaus sat down with a fortune-teller, who knew he was the Original Hybrid. This is where we got out first taste of Marcel’s power over the witches. They’re not allowed to talk to outsiders. But she did tell him where he could find Marcel — karaoking “How You Like Me Now?” at a bar midday. Badass! First impression: Charles Michael Davis fits right in with the CW’s stable of hot men. Also, I was mesmerized by how a vampire as naughty as him keeps his teeth so white. Those are like Walton Goggins-white. Justified finally addressed them this season; When The Originals gets picked up, I hope we get a scene of Marcel brushing.

Their reunion was tense. We learned Mikael had run Klaus out of New Orleans about 100 years ago and left dead vampires in his wake. Klaus is Marcel’s sire, and Marcel has shared the secret of the daylight ring with his inner circle, who he considers family. How did he get witches to make them rings? Marcel said he has the witches wrapped around his finger. And speaking of witches, Klaus said he was looking for Jane-Anne. “Show time,” Marcel said.

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