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The Vampire Diaries recap: Be Still My Heart

A temporary victory comes at a cost

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Annette Brown/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
The CW

It’s hard to believe next week is the season finale, and Elena will finally choose between the Salvatore Brothers. Okay, it isn’t. From Klaus’ chats with Stefan and Elena, to Elena’s chat with Stefan and Damon, to Stefan and Damon’s chat with each other — this episode was screaming IT’S COMING! But let’s back up…

Has Alaric’s classroom decor always been war themed, or was it just now because he was teaching about the Civil War when he died and became a Super Vamp? I guess he was being oh so quiet in there because Caroline and Rebekah, who were at the high school to clean up after the Roaring ’20s Decade Dance, didn’t realize they weren’t alone in the building. Matt had been called into work, and Tyler had been called in as a mover for Klaus, who was packing up his mansion. (Rebekah’s hearing wasn’t strong enough to pick up Tyler’s call to Caroline either?) It’s funny: I think Caroline and Rebekah could have been friends in a different life. It was nice that they got one real moment — Caroline saying she was sorry about Esther, and Rebekah saying she was sorry about Alaric — before it all went to hell.

Alaric surprised Rebekah in the hallway and slammed her into a locker. He was ready to stake her, but Caroline stopped him and they staked him. He just pulled out the stake out because its bound to his resurrection ring. Caroline made a slower getaway than Rebekah, and Alaric caught her as she was fumbling with her keys to open her car door. Part of me was like, BREAK THE WINDOW, VAMPIRE! PULL OFF THE DOOR! But I suppose she’d still have to fumble with them to star the car. Let’s it: If I lived in Mystic Falls, I would totally have a car with one of those start buttons. Seriously, that would be good product placement for this show. Get on that. Alaric snapped Caroline’s neck and started dragging her back into the school as his body began to blister and smoke. So Esther had thought of everything but a day ring.

Over at the Gilbert house, Elena and Jeremy were painting Alaric’s room to keep busy. Stefan showed up to check on them and offered to help. Take him up on that. He’d get it done in two minutes. But Jeremy was pissy and said if Stefan was trying to be the good guy again, couldn’t he do the right thing and give them one day with no vampires? You’re lucky you’re wearing that cute Henley, Jeremy, or I’d want to slap you. And also, we’d seen the promo shots, so we knew your day was going to get much worse. Damon arrived with Bonnie and told Stefan about her feeding Alaric her blood to turn him. Bonnie explained that the witches made her do it. If Damon was so upset with her, why’d he feed her his blood to save her? Because he does stupid things, he said, like letting his friend Alaric die with dignity instead of killing him himself. Bonnie said witches can’t make a true immortal creature, so there’s a way to undo the spell on Alaric. She just didn’t know what it was yet.

Rebekah had seen Alaric frying in the sun and told Klaus that Alaric was so quick, their only hope was getting a head start before sunset. Rebekah wanted to leave immediately. Klaus wanted to get Elena first. Rebekah said he didn’t need to make more hybrids, they could protect each other, always and forever. Nope. “Fine. Trust your hybrids over your family. Let your spite be the death of you. See if I care,” she said and stormed out. (Since we do see her in the promo for the season finale, I suspect she does care.)

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