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The Vampire Diaries recap: Raising the Stakes

And suddenly, we’re not sure who to kill… 

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Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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For me, the big revelation in this episode — if you kill an Original, his or her entire bloodline follows — wasn’t as much of a bombshell as Elijah revealing that the Curse of the Sun and the Moon was fake in season 2. But it is another game-changer. Let’s dig in.

We began with Damon, Stefan, and Alaric hiding from Elena the fact that they were making stakes out of the Wickery Bridge sign when she came to visit Alaric. Why? I feel like Damon playing coy at the door was more for our benefit than hers, since they obviously went on to tell her about the stakes. But go with it. Stefan criticized Damon’s whittling, and Alaric said he wanted to turn himself in to Sheriff Forbes and pay for the murders his alter ego committed. But Stefan and Damon were having none of that since Operation Kill Klaus was back on. Alaric didn’t want to put on his ring, but Damon told him if he was going vampire hunting, he better.

Elena and Caroline took a walk in the woods, and Elena told her it was Alaric’s sociopathic alter ego that killed her father. Caroline was understandably upset, until Elena reminded her that Alaric didn’t choose to become a killer — it was forced on him, just like Caroline being turned into a vampire. And oh yeah, Caroline has a body count, too. Have we forgotten that? Elena didn’t abandon her, so she won’t abandon Alaric. All better, Caroline and Elena (savior of the cursed and the damned) met up with Matt, who’d also gotten a cryptic text from Stefan to meet in the woods. Stefan wondered where Bonnie was, and Caroline told him about her mother bailing on her again. She suggested they leave her out of it. Truthfully, that’s a dumb idea. I’m sure she’s grieving, but THIS IS THEIR CHANCE TO KILL KLAUS. Eye on the prize, people.

We cut to Klaus catching up to Finn on the street. Their mother is off somewhere coming up with a new plan to kill them all, and Finn reminded us he’s still willing to sacrifice himself. Klaus wanted Finn to come back to Mystic Falls, where Klaus said he had a witch who could undo Esther’s spell that binds them together. If he doesn’t come, Klaus said he’d put him back in that coffin he spent the last 900 years in. (Don’t you feel like the first 10 minutes of every episode now is spent reminding us of character history? Or is it for the new viewers they hope are tuning in each episode?) Finn said what happens to one, happens to them all, so if Klaus daggers him, Klaus may not feel the effects but he’ll lose Rebekah. This is what I don’t get: If the bond doesn’t work on Klaus when the dagger is used on a sibling, why do Damon and Stefan assume it would work with the white oak stake? Rebekah popped up to help Klaus corner Finn. Welcome back to Mystic Falls, brother!

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