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The Vampire Diaries recap: Family Business

The chapter of the Originals truly begins

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Vampire Diaries
Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
The CW

I now have no idea where this season is headed, but I’m totally into it. How did the Original Witch survive all those years in the sealed coffin? I guess if she had enough power to create vampires (and kill hybrid Klaus, apparently, if she wanted to), she can pretty much do whatever the writers need her to have done. The bigger question: We know the TVD producers like to introduce characters as one thing and turn them into something else that surprises us. Is Mother Original as peace-loving as her forgiving Klaus made her seem, or does she have plans for the Original family that will prove dangerous to Elena (and therefore Damon and Stefan)? I’m betting on the latter. Let’s back up.

We picked up right where we left off two weeks ago with Elijah wiping off the blood on his hands from ripping out the heart of one of Klaus’ hybrids. That’s the first fight on this show that I’ve rewound multiple times. “Easy, I just finished renovating,” Klaus said as he and Elijah continued to beat on each other. Watching the Original siblings fight is more fun than seeing the Salvatore brothers go at it. There’s more variety. Elijah was punching and kicking. Bravo. Klaus eventually took the dagger out of one of his other siblings and threatened to put it in Elijah. “Use it. I dare you. You’ll have Kol to deal with,” Elijah said. This was our first clue that Kol will be a badass despite not really looking like one. He’s been daggered for more than a century and brother Finn for more than 900 years. Once Klaus told Elijah that he’d killed Mikael, Elijah couldn’t understand why Klaus hadn’t freed them. Klaus said Stefan was in possession of one thing that could keep them from being a family. If Elijah would stand by him and help him destroy Stefan, he would come clean about their family history and the family would be whole again, he promised. Kol got re-daggered. See you soon!

Alaric awoke with his usual hangover and confessed to Elena that he’d whiskey-dialed Meredith at 2 a.m. I wish we could get a web video of that conversation. I’m pretty sure it would be Matt Davis’ finest moment. Sheriff Forbes showed up to tell Elena and Alaric that there was only one clean print on the stake that was used to kill the medical examiner — Elena’s. It was from her family’s arsenal. My first thought was KATHERINE! Would they have the same fingerprints? But then I remembered that most killers wear gloves, so we just heard about the print so it could be linked to Elena’s heirlooms. Why would someone use one of her family’s stakes to kill a Council member? Elena had phoned Damon to update him, and he told her to ask Alaric if his “dirty little doctor” had access to his weapons. “You’re on speakerphone, Dick,” Alaric said. “Dick” appears to be Alaric’s new nickname for Damon. Elena refused to believe Alaric’s luck with women would be THAT bad. And besides, the medical examiner was killed before Alaric had shown Meredith his slayer stash. So who did it?

Elena thought Stefan might have been crazy enough that night to do it, so she followed him to the Lockwood cave — where Damon had compelled two Lockwood gardeners to bring the coffin since it still has that spell prohibiting vamps from entering — and point-blank asked him. I think he was hurt by the insinuation, but I’m not sure because I wasn’t really listening. I was just admiring how great Stefan looked in that light. I did hear him inquire whether she had asked Damon if he had killed anybody lately. Well played, Stefan. He walked off, leaving Bonnie and her mother Abby in the cave to figure out how to open the coffin before Klaus called in his hybrids to help him locate it.

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