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The Vampire Diaries recap: Teen Wolf Too

The first step of Tyler’s transformation is just one component of a packed hour featuring deaths, a kidnapping, and a hot new witch

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Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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Here’s what I love about The Vampire Diaries: At the moment Tyler FINALLY became a werewolf, I literally shouted “It’s hap-pen-ing!” in an Oprah Winfrey voice (and I’ve never impersonated that woman before). And yet, that wasn’t the biggest moment of the episode. How good is this show?!

The truth is, we’ve known since, well, before the season even began that Tyler (Michael Trevino) was going to become a werewolf. Was it as exciting as it could’ve been? No. I would’ve liked to have seen him take out a main character to activate the curse, not random Underage Drunk Girl No. 2. (The character did have a name, but I didn’t bother to learn it, even if the actress had nice eyes.) But there were some nice twists. Matt got Tyler drunk and provoked a fight by pouring a drink for the framed picture of Tyler’s later father, then insulting the guy — only Tyler is allowed to that! Tyler wasn’t going to fight Matt until Matt pounced at him. Caroline heard the scuffle with her supervamp hearing and broke them up. Candice Accola looked fantastic standing between them, rocking a short red dress that made her body look strong and powerful, especially when she knocked out Matt.

As Tyler wondered how Caroline did that, we got surprise #1) Underage Drunk Girl No. 2 grabbed a letter opener and said, “Matt failed. If Matt fails, I can’t.” Katherine always has Plan B (C, D, you know how the alphabet goes). She’d compelled that girl to stab Tyler. Caroline tried to warn him, but she was too late. Wounded, he shoved the girl away from him — and she hit her head on the desk and died. Tyler knew immediately that this meant the Lockwood family werewolf curse was activated and Trevino played it with the proper amount of shock, anger, and pain. He fell to his knees and when he looked up, his eyes flashed werewolf amber. (That should be a Crayola color.) Surprise #2: Caroline covered for Tyler. She told his mother she and Matt had been fighting. Drunk Girl No. 2 was nearby, tripped and fell (with enough force to snap her neck?). Mrs. Lockwood bought it. Tyler was prepared to take responsibility for his actions, and couldn’t understand why Caroline wanted to help him. He said she couldn’t understand what this meant. She said she did, and asked him if his wound had healed. He looked (without having to remove his shirt, boo), and it had. I was psyched about the Tyler/Jeremy friendship and their matching upperbody measurements, but I love the potential for an unexpected bond between werewolf Tyler and vampire Caroline, two overpowering personalities that have actually been made vulnerable by becoming supernatural. (We chatted with Trevino after the episode aired. Read that conversation here for what’s in store for Tyler. Episode 210: His first badass leather jacket.)

Let’s back up: We knew from the promo for this episode that Damon, Stefan, Jeremy, Bonnie, and Caroline were going to go all Scooby Gang and try to kill Katherine at the Lockwoods’ masquerade to benefit the homeless. The episode started with Caroline delivering a message to the Salvatore Brothers that she received when Katherine posed as Elena and ambushed her in the bathroom at the Grill, where Caroline was to gawk and quasi-stalk Matt. (To quote Damon: Skip the teen drama and get to it. If Katherine is so smart, why wasn’t she wearing a necklace since Elena always does?) Katherine wanted the boys to bring the moonstone to her at the masquerade or she was going to rip the town apart until it rained blood. Caroline suggested they give her the damn stone, but Damon said no. Actually, he said, “No, Katherine’s not getting dick.” Stefan got to play the smart Salvatore tonight: He new Katherine suggested a public place because she’d think Stefan was too good a guy to endanger innocent people. She was wrong. That gave them an edge.

NEXT: Posses get formed, and somebody’s helping…Katherine?