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The Vampire Diaries recap: Shot By the Sheriff

In ‘Kill or Be Killed,’ the Salvatore brothers battle Mason and Liz, while Elena experiences bleeding love

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Vampire Diaries Kill
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The Vampire Diaries

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It’s been about a week since I found out I was going to be filling in for Mandi Bierly on tonight’s TVD recap. (Your normal host is on vacation and will be back next week.) So please go easy on me. Not that I’m ill-informed; in fact, I’ve spent the last 6 days marathoning all 26 episodes of the show so that I would be prepared for you all tonight. Yes, I’m a latecomer to Mystic Falls. (You may hurl fruit in the comments.) But while I’m tardy to the party, I am certainly here now! How I’ve managed to let this show slip through the cracks of my TV lineup for so long, I’ll never know. Will I forgive myself? Maybe one day. For now, I’ll carry around as much perpetual guilt as Stefan. Now, on to the episode.

We opened with a flashback to one year ago. Mason was leaving a Florida bar after a night of drinking when an acquaintance (Mason knew the guy’s name, but didn’t like him enough to sit next to him while drinking = acquaintance) approached him from behind and accused him of sleeping with his girlfriend. Mason denied it, but the confrontation escalated. BAM! Mason was clocked. (One point to the man with the blonde ‘fro!) “I’m going to kill you,” his attacker said…ironically. After the man got a few good kicks and punches in, Mason retaliated and slammed the man into the ground with a disgusting, stomach-churning splat. Blood flowed from the back of the man’s head, confirming what we suspected from his attacker’s vacant eyes: Mason had killed him.

Back at the Lockwood home, we saw Mason telling Tyler the tale of how he trigger his curse. “You have to be careful. All it takes is an accident…and you’ll have a lifetime of this,” Mason warned doe-eyed Tyler, adding that he wanted the moon stone. A deal was a deal. So Tyler opened his father’s under-the-floorboards safe — coolest thing ever! — but the stone wasn’t in there. Mason was not happy.

At Elena’s, Jeremy probed for more info on the Lockwood were-curse, but was shot down by his older sister. “This is dangerous, Jeremy; you have to stay out of it.” Translation: He won’t.

Cue Stefan, he who lurks behind doors. (Won’t closing doors just seem so disappointing from now on if there’s no sexy vamp brother standing behind it?) Elena lamented their fake fighting because she didn’t want it to turn real. Ever the Salvatore brains, Stefan thought of a clever code. “Today, when we’re fighting, when I say ‘I can’t do this anymore, Elena,’ what I’ll really mean is that I love you.”

Everyone brought their various grievances to the Historical Society’s Volunteer Picnic event. (Gotta love small towns…) Caroline and her mother were on the fritz, Mason and Damon were going to be within fighting distance of each other, and Stefan and Elena had to keep up their fake fighting for show. And things didn’t get any simpler throughout the day. In fact, they got much, much more complicated. For everyone.

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