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The Vampire Diaries recap: The Killing

The sacrifice ritual claims multiple lives; good thing we love the show’s death theme 

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Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries

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Thank god for Michael Trevino’s torso. If Tyler hadn’t woken up shirtless, I don’t know that I would’ve been able to snap out of the misery this episode brought me. I feel like I should also apologize to my DVR/life partner Peter, who has the unfortunate luck of being positioned near the TV, which I spent much of the hour shouting at. Also, Peter, sorry about the crying. (And the rewinding and crying again.) Let’s bring the pain!

I’ve been advocating for Aunt Jenna to die for, like, ever because it was just too difficult to fit her into the story when she wasn’t in the know. I’m so glad they waited and gave Sara Canning a beautiful exit in which she went out fighting. Greta tempted Jenna into drinking from her, so the transition to vampire was complete. Honestly, I hated Greta more than Klaus. I feel like whatever Klaus is doing is somehow in his twisted hybrid nature (pushing for Klaus to dub himself a vampolf). What’s Greta’s excuse? Jules joined the party and Greta announced that she was slowing Jules’ transformation for the ritual — so the screams we were hearing were due to Jules’ insides trying to tear themselves free. Lovely.

Greta had the three women separated in rings of fire, and when your fire went out, time was up. Klaus started with Jules, who had enough time to tell Elena that everything she’d ever done in Mystic Falls was for Tyler — she didn’t want him to be alone. Klaus ripped her heart out and dripped the blood into Greta’s fiery makeshift cauldron in which she’d already dropped the moonstone. Was the boiling blood dissolving the moonstone? I don’t know. Doesn’t really matter. I could handle that death. My tissue tally was still at zero. Yours?

Next, it was time for Jenna’s confession: When she first heard she was going to become Elena and Jeremy’s guardian, her first thought was, “Isn’t there someone else who can do this?” She felt like she let Elena down. How? Unless you made her the doppelgänger, not your fault. Jeremy and Bonnie’s romantic candlelight grimoire reading — during which they discovered Emily Bennett was working on resuscitative spells for old John Gilbert — was interrupted by the arrival of Alaric, who broke the news to Jeremy that Jenna was now Klaus’ marked vampire. Stefan, meanwhile, told Bonnie he was going to offer Klaus a vampire he’d want even more — him. Bonnie did a locator spell to find the sacrifice site, and Elijah told Stefan he should head there alone. Elijah would bring Bonnie when the moon hit its final stage because Klaus couldn’t find out she was still alive until then, when his transition would begin. “You’re very honorable,” Elijah told Stefan, and he meant it. It’s funny: I always thought Elijah and Damon were my preferred pair, but that moment made me change my mind. “Are you?” Stefan asked. Stefan knows what it’s like to want to kill your brother, but he’s never been able to bring himself to do it. Could Elijah keep his word?

Elijah made a convincing argument: Klaus had, over centuries, hunted down Elijah’s siblings and parents and one by one took them from him. Klaus scattered them across the seas where their bodies cannot be found. “Sometimes there’s honor in revenge, Stefan,” Elijah said, with just enough of a smile to let you know he was relishing the thought. “I won’t fail you.” I say it every week he’s on, but Daniel Gillies is so good. Gillies, in his own words, plays Elijah with a certain “economy of movement,” but he’s never lazy. He always does just enough to convey what he needs to in the coolest possible way. “Please end this,” Stefan said. I understand why Klaus could’ve turned on the man who raised him and killed his birth father, and even his mother who’d lied to him. But why would he turn on his siblings? Was it just because he wanted to make Elijah suffer for not returning Katerina to him after she escaped, because the siblings didn’t support him becoming a hybrid, or something else?

NEXT: Klaus is sexiest when he’s drinking.