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The Vampire Diaries recap: The Last Day

Everything you thought would never happen, happened

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Vampire Diaries 042811
Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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Sleeping shirtless was the only thing Damon did right in this episode. I never thought we’d be going into next week’s sacrifice ritual with Elena having vampire blood in her system, Aunt Jenna being in transition, and Damon suffering from a werewolf bite. Let’s break it down.

So unfortunately, Damon put on a shirt before he came downstairs to argue with Stefan, Elena, and Elijah about why they were letting Klaus go through with the ritual. For those viewers who’ve forgotten: Elijah says Klaus will be at his weakest during his transition into the vampire-werewolf hybrid, which means Bonnie can kill him without killing herself. (“I’ll write her a great eulogy,” Damon pleaded. I wish we’d gotten the first line of it.) Elijah detailed the plan: Klaus has the moonstone and a witch who can channel the power of the full moon to release the spell that’s bound within the stone. [Cut to Klaus looking good in red and still cozy with Greta.] After that, Klaus, being both vampire and werewolf, will sacrifice one of each. Then, he must drink the blood of the doppelgänger until she dies. That’s where Elijah comes in: He still has the elixir he had developed for Katerina 500 years ago. It has mystical properties that should resuscitate her. Damon wasn’t leaving Elena’s fate up to a “magical witch potion with no expiration date.” He wanted to know why she couldn’t just wear John’s ring: The doppelgänger, Elijah said, is a supernatural occurrence, so it probably wouldn’t work on her. (It’s a little more of a reach than Bonnie’s witch out, but fine.) If the elixir didn’t work? “Then I guess I will just be dead,” Elena said. Damon couldn’t understand why Stefan wasn’t trying to change Elena’s mind, and Stefan told him he was trusting Elena’s instincts to trust Elijah because she’d been a good judge of character choosing to trust the Salvatores. Elijah was at least honest with Elena: There was a chance the elixir wouldn’t work, he said. (There wasn’t enough to test it on someone, somewhere?)

Alaric — who remembers nothing he did when his body was possessed by Klaus — came to Elena’s newly acquired mansion, and we found out that Jenna is a natural with a crossbow. Alaric had to prove it was really him by revealing that the first night he and Jenna spent together, Jeremy walked in right when he was — okay, that’s enough, Jenna believed him. I know one question I’ll be asking exec producer Julie Plec the next time I speak to her: “How did that sentence end?” Klaus had left Alaric go to deliver a message: The sacrifice would happen that night. That meant Klaus had to nab his werewolf. I figured Mrs. Lockwood would be used to lure Tyler back to town, but having her call him to say she’d been hospitalized in an accident before Man Witch Maddox propelled her off the second floor of her home, into the staircase railing, and then onto the floor was particularly twisted. It wasn’t that high of a drop, but it looked violent. Her surviving was almost as likely as Ali Larter surviving her fall in Obsessed. (If you haven’t seen that fight scene with Beyoncé, which I’m 99.9 percent sure I’ve referenced before in a Vampire Diaries recap, do it now!) But, survive Mama Lockwood did. She came to in the hospital and Tyler was there — that was quick! — looking as cute as ever in a new brown leather jacket. (Earth tones, you see, are for werewolves, while cool tones such as black, gray, and blue are for vamps. I learned that from the costume designer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon.)

NEXT: Damon sets major events in motion.