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The Vampire Diaries recap: MythBusters

Everything we thought we knew about Klaus was wrong

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Vampire Diaries Klaus
Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
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Have you ever choked on your own saliva? It’s not a pleasant image, I know, but I’m pretty sure it is the best indication that a TV show has changed the game we thought we were playing.

This episode was called “Klaus,” but for me, it was all about Elijah. Daniel Gillies is so good, I’m hoping season 3 revolves around Elijah staying in Mystic Falls to help fight his half brother Klaus’ new army of werevamps. But let’s back up. Elijah finally came to after Elena pulled the dagger out of him. He took one look at her and thought she was Katherine (even though Katherine would never be caught undead in a scoop neck T-shirt and yoga pants). Cue our first flashback to England in 1492, when Trevor (hi!) brought Katherine to Klaus’ birthday party. I thought Elijah’s eyes looked as soft as his long curls did when he met her, but I wasn’t sure if he was just excited to see the human doppelgänger, if he had taken an immediate liking to Katherine, or if he was perhaps remembering feelings he’d had for whichever Petrova ancestor Katherine resembled. I’ll take the theory behind door No. 3.

Having the Salvatores sign their mansion over to Elena last week came in pretty handy for the writers, who were able to force Elijah out of the house — he had no invitation — before he could get a hold of Elena or the Salvatores woke up. The brothers must be sound sleepers because Elijah wasn’t quiet when he was thrashing about on the floor and into walls and complaining about how he couldn’t breathe. (Since when do vamps breathe?) Elena wanted to bring Elijah up to speed, but not there. They needed to know they could trust each other. Elena gave Elijah the dagger, and he, well, he did nothing, but she knows he needs her alive until the sacrifice, so that’s good enough.

The next time we saw Elijah, he was in Elena’s SUV sucking on a blood bag and returning to his usual hotness. Stefan called Elena and wanted to come to her, but she told him that she and Elijah needed time alone. She said Elijah was a noble man. She could trust him. I often get asked if I’m Team Damon or Team Stefan, and I can honestly say I’ve never actually spent time debating who Elena should end up with. But if I did, Stefan would have earned major points when he respected her decision and showed faith in her negotiating skills. Elena and Elijah went to the Lockwood home because he’d gotten Tyler’s mother off of vervain and he could work his way inside to a fresh suit. For a moment, I thought that might mean Elijah had been sleeping with Mrs. Lockwood to steal her daily dose of vervain, but then I remembered that if he made her skip one day’s dose, he could compel her to not take it again. (So maybe it was just a one night stand.)

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