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UnREAL recap: Infiltration

Quinn pushes up the show’s first overnight date to regain control

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Bettina Strauss


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Oh, what a difference a season makes. Last year, Jeremy was the too-nice-for-his-own-good guy who kept trying to pick up the pieces of Rachel’s life. This year, he’s physically assaulting her. It’s disturbing and unsettling — but even more so, the fact that this incident somehow made Chet look like a good guy is beyond confusing. “Infiltration” has just turned everything upside down.

The episode starts with Coleman and Rachel on top — they’re Everlasting‘s new power couple and enjoying every minute of it. Jeremy certainly is not… even though he’s sleeping with Hot Rachel in a very public way. Real Rachel calls them out for it and finds a picture of herself that Jeremy uses for target practice. When Coleman sees it, he tells her it’s a fireable offense, but Rachel says Jeremy is too good to lose. He realizes something happened between them, but doesn’t ask too many questions.

Instead, he goes straight to the source and essentially demotes/fires Jeremy. Jeremy is obviously not happy about this and takes it out on Coleman’s fancy sports car by peeing all over it. Chet finds him and offers to help. After being bailed out from jail and rejected by Quinn, Chet feels he needs a reset on his Paleolithic self, and he makes Jeremy do a faux sweat lodge with him. He says that by admitting the truth and taking responsibility, they’ll get clarity.

Chet admits to kidnapping his kid, and Jeremy tries to “admit” to being fired, but every time he places the blame on someone else, he gets slapped by Chet. After enough slaps, the truth comes out: “My damage is Rachel,” Jeremy says. And he admits he still loves her.

The farthest thing from Rachel’s mind is Jeremy, though, as she’s attending the Impact Awards with her new beau, Coleman. She was uneasy about going since the tickets usually go to Quinn, but she quickly gets over it and dons her best show-stolen ball gown to schmooze the network’s new owner, John Booth (Ioan Gruffudd). Quinn was hoping to meet him at the awards to win him over, but instead Coleman and Rachel do that… until Quinn finds a way to get in without the tickets and wins him over. See, John Booth is a huge fan of Everlasting and Quinn. He knows she’s the real mastermind of the show and goes so far as to call her a “legend.” And he’s in luck, because this legend invites him to watch the crazy play out on camera himself.

This week’s episode of Everlasting was supposed to be an overnight date with one of the two audience’s fan favorites. Fan favorites on this show is code for whomever Quinn wants. She picked Yael, a.k.a. Hot Rachel, and Dominique, the tall pro basketball player we haven’t seen much from, so that Darius would have to choose Hot Rachel. But Real Rachel had a trick up her sleeve: She told Dominique about Yael sleeping with Jeremy, and Dominique told Darius on camera.

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Darius obviously doesn’t pick Hot Rachel, but he also doesn’t pick Dominique because he doesn’t like her lack of discretion. He instead chooses to take Ruby to the dream suite. Jay and Rachel are thrilled, but Quinn is angry at Darius for going rogue. And she hates losing control.

So to get it back, she uses Wagerstein’s files to find a way to get to Ruby. As if installing extra cameras in the suitor’s suite wasn’t bad enough, Quinn then brings Ruby’s dad on set — and here come the fireworks she’s brought John to see. Luckily, Rachel and Coleman get there just in time to stop it… only Rachel doesn’t.

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