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UnREAL recap: Guerilla

Watch out Quinn and Chet — there’s a new producing power couple on the rise

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James Dittiger


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Season 14 of Everlasting has to beat the ratings explosion from last season. How do you top a suicide and a suitor being stood up at the altar? If you’re Quinn, you do it with even more questionable manipulation and brute force.

Similarly, this season of UnREAL follows a breakout freshman season, and it seems the writers are trying to top themselves by amping up everything: the drama, the crass, the conflict. UnREAL was never a subtle show, but somehow it’s found a way to make the beginning of season 2 even more intense; “Guerilla” sees just about everyone involved in a dark, contentious drama.

Fresh off the shakeup of her reality show — where she’s gone even further down the totem pole — Rachel is surprisingly cool. She’s smoking with her bestie Quinn (in a scene that’s reminiscent of the finale’s final shot) while not giving a f— about the show. Chet is busy making things blow up and racing ATVs around the property; he’s gone so far, even Romeo and Darius say no thanks to the “fun.”

When Coleman asks the women how the day is shaping up, Quinn shoots it straight (as if she knows any other way): She tells him that there’s “a gaggle of lost girls in their underwear and not a hint of romance in sight.” Coleman says they shouldn’t worry, though, because he knows what he is doing — despite the fact that he’s never worked on an actual TV show. “You’re annoying,” Quinn tells him. “I agree,” her No. 2 says.

When he leaves, Quinn decides she’s not going to let this Coleman-sized roadblock get in her way. She’s going to produce the women herself, and when Gary sees the masterpiece she’s created, he’ll either appreciate her, or she’ll quit. “I’m going balls deep in this bitch,” Quinn says before asking her sidekick to join her. Rachel doesn’t bat an eye and says she’s with her. Quinn is convinced, but I’m not.

After getting dirt on the women from Wagerstein, Quinn goes on a hunt for the women she thinks are the most emotionally unstable. Her first stop is Brandi, who was raised in foster care and shows signs of abuse. It doesn’t take much to put Brandi on edge. All Quinn has to say is that “from one broken ass little kid to another,” she should watch her back because the other women are willing to fight for this. Next, she swings by Chantal’s makeup station and tells her that the other women, specifically the “fighter chick,” are saying she’s using her fiancé’s death to garner sympathy from Darius. And just like that, Quinn has set the spark.

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The flame goes ablaze at the obstacle course Chet set up for the women to compete for a one-on-one date with Darius. He calls it “Miss America Meets American Ninja.” Chantal and Brandi just happen to be in the first heat together, and are the top two contenders. But when Chantal pulls ahead in the final obstacle, Brandi pulls her off the climbing wall. Chantal gets a concussion, and Brandi gets a date.

Errr…. not exactly. Quinn tells Rachel to throw Brandi “in the hole” — and the dark underbelly of this fictionalized reality show just got even darker.

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