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UnREAL recap: Insurgent

Would you rather watch ‘Everlasting’ or ‘EverBLASTING’?

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Bettina Strauss


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Shiri Appleby
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“As far as I can tell, everyone is manipulating everyone.”

Romeo caught on to the world of Everlasting pretty quickly. Everyone who lives in that world exists for one purpose: to create the best television possible… even if they don’t know that’s their role. Some of the women, such as Yael and Ruby understand that, but others, like Tiffany, buy into the true “fairy tale” experience of the reality show.

And the desire to create television — for selfish purposes — is what sets Quinn and Chet at odds in “Insurgent.” They can’t agree on what Everlasting season 14 will be; Chet wants bikinis and an entourage for Darius, and Quinn wants business as usual. So they come to an agreement: They’ll each take a shooter (Jeremy continues his ascent into hated-character territory by siding with Chet) and film two different versions of the show. The network will pick the winner.

But a reality show can’t serve two masters. Rachel tells Quinn she thinks this is a bad idea. However, the HBIC sees this as the only option, so Rachel has to shut up, get on board, and get back to her manipulative-producer ways.

First she convinces Beth Ann the Racist (played by Lindsay Musil) to support her Southern roots and wear her Confederate flag bikini on camera, but when Darius comes out of the limo to meet all the women, she runs away and hides in the bathroom. Rachel follows her in, prepared to find a girl embarrassed by being outed as a racist on camera. But instead, Rachel learns that Beth Ann is just upset that she probably ruined her chances with Darius. She worships him. “This is better than I ever thought the show could be,” she tells Rachel, who responds, “Racism is so confusing isn’t it?”

Instead of letting her change, Rachel tells Beth Ann to keep the bikini in order to stand out. And stand out she does. Beth Ann walks up to Darius and apologizes immediately for the swimsuit. “If what I’m wearing offends you, then there’s really only one thing I can do,” she tells him as she takes her top off. (Did Rachel tell her to do this or did little miss Beth Ann come up with that on her own?) Darius, ever the gentleman, takes off his own shirt to let her cover up.

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It’s great TV, but the best part is that Chet and Jeremy didn’t even get it on camera. Rachel sent up a false alarm about girl-on-girl action in the hot tub, which of course they ran to like middle school boys. This makes Chet so angry, he’s ready to declare war… again. To which Quinn says, “It’s your kingdom; come and get it.”

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