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Under the Dome series finale recap: The Enemy Within

Ding dong the dome is dead… and it took a few more of Chester’s Mill’s worst with it.

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Brownie Harris/CBS

Under the Dome

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Jeff Fahey, Colin Ford, Natalie Martinez, Mike Vogel

We were the dome all along. The dome was all inside the mind of a small child holding a snowglobe. They were dead the whole time.

For a show that practically winked at the screen every other scene, Under the Dome didn’t end in such a ridiculous fashion. All things considered, the last moments of “The Enemy Within,” are unpredictably… simple, maybe even a little expected.

But, before the end montage offered most of the main players a relatively quiet dome-free life (for now), they endured an expectedly bloody, illogical end to the dome.

The new baby-turned-adult-with-a-bad-wig has assumed her rightful place as queen at the onset of “Within,” and she’s wasting no time instituting her regime change. And she’s apparently much better at her job, as she captures members of the resistance in a matter of minutes.

Joe, Norrie, Hunter, Lily, and Big Jim are scooped up by Joe’s science experiment that’s intended to save the entire town, while Barbie and Julia, out burying Dr. Bloom’s body, are also captured. Barbie’s half-alien daughter, Dawn, personally comes to greet him. (And if you were wondering where she got her name, no, these aliens don’t have Buffy the Vampire Slayer on their homeworld, she quite clearly picked it up from Christine. In her tapes, the old queen says “a new day is dawning,” and since this new queen clearly has an amethyst-sized chip on her shoulder, that “day” clearly revolves around her.)

Stuck in the town’s jail cells, the resistance is reduced to leering, moping, and such astute observations as Barbie saying Dawn looks so much like Eva.

Of course, leave it to Jim to come with the one piece of real wisdom — it’s clear to him, and no one else, that they’re being kept alive as leverage to make sure Joe completes his makeshift radio. Yes, Joe continues to be the key to everyone’s salvation, even in its final moments.

And that is exactly Dawn’s plan (for a guy who never belonged to the kinship, Jim sure seems to have a better grasp of what the group’s up to than even its members do). Joe calls her on her bluff in a rare sensible move from the science boy wonder. He manages to convince Dawn to let everyone but Julia and Jim go free

Jim’s only request is that he has his beloved dog returned to him, and Kyle, the poor guy put between Jim and the rest of the world, agrees to it. Little does Kyle know that Indy has a key tucked into his collar, which Jim and Julia use to escape. They head down to the cellar, where the guns are kept, but Kyle soon finds them and immediately regrets showing any kindness to the murderous lug.

Kyle must be feeling dumb at this point, and he only acts with more stupidity as Jim begins to monologue at him. He describes his days playing baseball with Kyle’s dad, during which time they won a golden baseball that Jim so happens to find and then use to bash Kyle’s head in. Julia pulls Jim away from his savage tendencies, but it’s too late for Kyle, who can rest easy knowing he spent his last few minutes acting like a total idiot.

And while Jim is killing for his freedom, Barbie is getting people killed while working for his own. Carrying the amethysts with the other kinship members proves too difficult for some of them, and Barbie asks Dawn for some downtime. She makes good on it with permanent downtime for one of her kinship members, who dies because he felt a little winded.

Dawn is showing no mercy to her followers, blaming Barbie for her dark nature. Absent father complex or not, Dawn is making things happen for the kinship, including taking care of whom to choose as her alpha by having them duke it out themselves.

At first, Dawn looks like she’s ready to hand Sam the rose or the pink star or whatever passes for a sign of affection on their homeworld… until he ends up dead, that is. Junior notices that his “rightful” spot at her side is at risk, and so he confronts Sam for the right to be Dawn’s plaything. The bare-knuckle brawl drags on for a bit, until Sam walks away, seemingly over such a petty confrontation.

But Junior is never done — it’s that Big Jim spirit coursing through his veins. So he grabs a rusted piece of metal and jams it straight through Sam’s stomach, leaving him for dead when he’s supposed to be preparing an escape route for Dawn.

NEXT: The dome is dead! The dome is dead!


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