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Under the Dome recap: Love Is a Battlefield

Eva’s baby is born under the strangest of circumstances while Hektor and Jim test a kinship cure on Junior.

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Brownie Harris/CBS

Under the Dome

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Jeff Fahey, Colin Ford, Natalie Martinez, Mike Vogel

Stuck between an amethyst and a queen baby, the resistance has to go on the offensive during “Love Is a Battlefield.” Christine is closer than ever to getting exactly what she’s been working tirelessly several weeks (and an entire fake year) for. And despite Jim, Julia, Barbie, and Aktaion’s best efforts, things aren’t looking too good for the freedom force after the losses incurred on the battlefield of love.

“If the spider has a queen baby inside that’s gonna wipe out the entire human race? Yeah, I think I’d kill it,” Big Jim responds in kind to a metaphor Julia poses about Eva and Barbie’s unborn child. Jim long ago solidified himself as the “shoot everything, maybe asks questions later” type of guy, so it’s no surprise he’s willing to kill an alien-infected pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Fortunately for Eva, Jim’s relegated to Aktaion HQ. He and Julia go out in search of Christine’s DNA to use in a cure Hektor and his team are concocting. They’re hoping that with the direct link to Christine and the other nebulous advancements they’ve made (Really, would now be time to start questioning the science of all of this anyway?), that a cure will prove more successful than the attempt made with Patrick, Lily’s father.

While out in the field, they run into Junior and some kinship red shirts, who are gunned down thanks to a few conveniently timed Aktaion soldiers. They bring Junior back to headquarters with the intent of using him as their first test subject for the new cure.

There’s just one problem with that, and it lies in the video footage of Patrick back in Zenith, where he appears stuck in the Zone of CGI Fuzziness. Hunter and Norrie show Julia the video, and Julia confronts Hektor about it in front of Lily, letting her know the father she thought to be dead is in fact maybe, sort of alive. And the man who lied to you was your surrogate father who knew fully well the situation.

Julia doesn’t want the same fate to befall the people of Chester’s Mill, but after Hektor explains how much of a better shot they have this time, Jim gives everyone the okay to test the formula on Junior.

Injected with the cure, Junior is running a fever. He eventually tells Jim that he feels like he’s on fire, but he indicates he’s free of the kinship’s hold. But you would have to be someone in Chester’s Mill to be fooled by that terrible charade—which Jim just so happens to be and is blinded by his relief at having his son back to notice it’s clearly a ploy.

Jim is rewarded for his faith in his son when he cuts off the rope binding Junior to a cot. And whether it’s the life force taking more of a hold or its mixing with the cure, Junior rises from his makeshift prison and goes berserk on his father with superhuman strength. He throws Jim across the room, breaks the neck of an Aktaion soldier and flees out of the room as Hektor and his men show up to the busted test site.

The escape leaves Hektor with several problems on his hands. The cure is, currently, still a total bust, Lily is upset with him for betraying him despite his desire to protect her, and Christine’s plan is progressing. Playing the bad hand dealt him, he offers Big Jim only one solution—kill everyone. Jim agrees, but surprisingly the trigger-happy father/sheriff/belligerent maniac seems a little unsure of the plan. Could Jim be experiencing another Grinch moment, his heart growing, maybe not three sizes but at least enough to sew the seeds of doubt?

(Unfortunately for Jim and Hektor, Lily overhears their plan to kill everyone infected, including their comrades whose life forces lie dormant, and she appears to be just on the brink of telling Norrie and Hunter, two once-fully brainwashed kinship members. So I wouldn’t expect the resistance to be on the same page anytime soon, not that agreeing and general competency has been their strong suit before.)

NEXT: Barbie and Julia deliver Eva’s alien queen baby. Just a normal Thursday in Chester’s Mill.