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Under the Dome season finale recap: 'Go Now'

The people of Chester’s Mill make one more attempt to escape from under the Dome.

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Under the Dome

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Jeff Fahey, Colin Ford, Natalie Martinez, Mike Vogel

Act, Dean, act. That phrase was repeated several times in my notes for tonight’s episode. Honestly, it’s the best description of Under the Dome‘s season finale, which was carried, for the most part, by Dean Norris’ performance. As has been said in these recaps multiple times this season, Norris really commits to whatever he’s given and acts the hell out of it. But alas, one strong performance does not a good episode make. Although “Go Now” ends on a note that puts Under the Dome in an interesting position for a yet-to-be-ordered third season, the road to that ending highlights this season’s lack of coherence.

We pick up right where last week’s episode left off: everyone’s standing around the crater with their mouths agape. Carrying Pauline, Big Jim comes running back to the group and asks for their help getting her to the school. Before being loaded into Julia’s Prius, Pauline tells her that she had another vision that show the Dome had chosen Julia and an unknown man to lead people to safety. After Rebecca, Sam, Junior, and Big Jim drive off with Pauline, the Dome starts contracting again, and thank God Joe is still there to state the obvious. He’s convinced the Dome is shutting down.

They rush Pauline into the school, get her onto a bed, and go into Grey’s Anatomy mode as they try to diagnose her injuries trauma surgeon style—except, after diagnosing her injuries, Sam says there isn’t much he can do because he isn’t a surgeon. All they can do now is give her morphine. Big Jim insists there must be something they can do as his family was chosen (Act, Dean, act). Sam sends Big Jim out to get more saline for Pauline. In a conversation that’s clearly a good-bye to everyone except Junior, Pauline asks Junior to go get her art stuff from her studio because she thinks she might be able to paint their way out of the Dome.

While all of this is happening, Barbie and Julia fail at saving a guy who’s trapped under a big machine. Before they can get him out, he gets struck by lightning. They do manage to save his son, though. Why this scene was included is anyone’s guess.

Back at the crater, the kids try to get an internet signal, but fail. This discourages Norrie, who thinks their world is ending and that maybe it’s a good time to check in with her mother. Joe convinces her that Chester’s Mill is her town, too, and that the only logical plan is to descend into the crater to see what’s below. And like that, Norrie is back on board with the “save Chester’s Mill plan.” Once the three of them go down there, they find a tunnel similar to the one under the school, except this one has purple glowing things around it. As they explore it, they find a fork in the road. Thankfully, a monarch butterfly shows them which route to take. The earthquakes keep coming, so they decide to rush back—in slow motion for some reason—to tell Barbie what they found.

Believing that the Dome is done with her, but mostly because she’s in a lot of pain, Pauline asks Rebecca to give her a morphine overdose and to let her die peacefully. Obviously, this moment is supposed to make us remember Rebecca’s mass murder plan from the beginning of the season. At first, it seems as though Rebecca isn’t the same woman she was then, but after Pauline asks her a second time, and calls her Maggie and Sweet Sweet child, it’s clear that Rebecca has made her decision.

NEXT: Someone tries to make a deal with the Dome again.