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Under the Dome recap: In the Dark

The dome kicks up a dust storm while Barbie, Sam, and Junior explore a tunnel; trouble and resolution follows.

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Brownie Harris/CBS

Under the Dome

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Jeff Fahey, Colin Ford, Natalie Martinez, Mike Vogel

If you’re going to end an episode “Locke and Jack staring down into the hatch on Lost” style, what comes next better be compelling. Last week’s episode ended with Sam, Junior, and Rebecca peering down a hole they found in the mysterious locker. As to be expected from this show, “In the Dark” fumbled the follow-through and what lay in the hole was rather disappointing. Even more disheartening was the fact that this week’s episode resurrected a past plot element we all hoped would stay dead and featured yet another half-baked crisis of the week. If there’s one good thing to be said about “In the Dark,” it’s that it seems as though the god awful Norrie-Joe-Melanie love triangle has finally been put to rest.

This week’s episode picked up right here “Reconciliation” left off. In his never-ending quest to bring the wrong man—Lyle—to justice for Angie’s murder, Junior, accompanied by Sam who’s there just to cover his own ass, descends into the tunnel. No longer a woman of action, Rebecca decides to stay above ground as she begs the guys to reconsider their decision because Lyle is dangerous. She eventually calls newly minted Sheriff Barbie for help, and he comes and joins the guy’s down in the tunnel. (Is this Chester’s Mill’s first semi-qualified law enforcement official since the original sheriff?).

While down in the tunnel, Junior comes across his mother’s notebook. Impulsively, he rushes to pick it up, trips on a trip wire, and sets off an explosion that causes a cave-in and cuts him off from Barbie and Sam. While Junior returns to the surface to seek medical aid, Barbie and Sam continue forward into the underground tunnel and come to the edge of a cliff.

The cave-in’s main function is to force the two men to interact and to deal with their issues by confining them to one location (read: cliché). The writers’ hoped that the questions answered in Sam and Barbie’s exchange would make-up for the fact that the tunnel underneath the school is rather underwhelming. What we get instead is a lot of pointless arguing as Sam complains he’s tired of being called a liar and Barbie continues to grill Sam about why he didn’t admit to knowing Melanie and finding the egg 25 years ago.

As Sam whines about all the pain he endures from life and the Dome, he reveals that it was Lyle who killed Melanie 25 years ago. After Melanie picked up the egg, it started to scream and cause Pauline pain. Ever devoted to his love, Lyle pushed Melanie to make the egg’s screaming stop, effectively killing her. Pauline begged Sam to help cover up Melanie’s murder—this was the secret Lyle and Sam were cryptically talking about a couple weeks back.

If there’s one good thing to come out of this exchange, it’s that Barbie sees the scratch marks on Sam’s shoulder and figures out that Sam killed Angie. Before Barbie can arrest Sam and serve him up to Junior from some Junior Justice (trademark pending), Sam decides to jump off the cliff to escape the misery that is the Dome and the town of Chester’s Mill. Unfortunately, whether or not he actually died is anyone’s guess. Judging from next week’s promo, Barbie will investigate this bottomless pit further.

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