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Under the Dome recap: Black Ice

Baby, it’s cold under the dome.

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Under The Dome
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Under the Dome

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Jeff Fahey, Colin Ford, Natalie Martinez, Mike Vogel

I sound like a broken record, but here goes: “Black Ice” felt like a major waste of an episode. Under the Dome‘s crises of the week never pay off because they are such low stakes—we know the crisis will be resolved by episode’s end and will have few lasting consequence (save the death of a random townsperson). And “Black Ice” didn’t pay off and suffered from little forward plot movement.

Good news: The egg made it to Zenith! Tonight’s episode opens in the park in Zenith, which is now cordoned off with biohazard tape as a man dressed in a hazmat suit attempts to pick up the egg with tongs. But the egg does not like to be touched, and it starts glowing bright white and sends the man flying back.

Bad News: Melanie’s connection to the egg transcends distance because she gets sicker whenever something happens to the egg. Sam and Junior drive her to the high school, where Rebecca has setup a triage center as the hospital was damaged in the earthquake. As always, things are not going well in Chester’s Mill: The temperature has dropped significantly and everyone is cold. And if it wasn’t clear how serious the temperature crisis was, Rebecca makes a point of saying that she can’t predict how many people will freeze to death. The situation is even more dire because they’re running out of fuel.

Everyone’s pissed off at Big Jim for dropping the egg and closing their only way out the town. Barbie’s ready to kill Big Jim, and Pauline stops pretending to care about him. Big Jim keeps insisting he did what he did to get his family back together, but Pauline is not hearing it. In what has become a recurring trend in recent episodes, Pauline is tonight’s “designated person who tells Big Jim he’s a narcissist.” It’s hard not to feel at least slightly sorry for Big Jim when Pauline says she came back for Junior and not him.

While on their way to the high school, Joe, Norrie, and Hunter notice that the Dome has started to freeze. Because Joe is Joe, he decides that touching the frozen Dome is a good idea. Surprise (not), he’s wrong. His hand gets stuck to the Dome’s surface and the Dome starts revolving, and he barely yanks his hand away in time. Rebecca suspects that the Dome’s revolutions are causing the drastic temperature drop.

Inside the triage center, Melanie is not looking any better. Pauline comes over and asks if Junior could give her and Melanie a moment to talk. The two friends reconnect for the first time in 25 years and it’s all rather dull. In their conversation, Pauline confesses that she didn’t only come back to save Junior. She also came back to Chester’s Mill to finish what she, Lyle, Sam, and Melanie started the night Melanie died 25 years ago. She foolishly promises that she’ll never leave Melanie’s side, which means she probably will leave her at some point. Right at that moment, Melanie has another attack of some sort, and Junior figures out someone must be doing something to the egg on the other and whatever happens to the Egg happens to Melanie.

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