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Under the Dome recap: 'Outbreak'

An epidemic rages through town, and Crazy Ol’ Reverend Coggins steals all the medicine

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Under The Dome

Under the Dome

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Jeff Fahey, Colin Ford, Natalie Martinez, Mike Vogel

The people of Chester’s Mill had formed yet another angry mob. They were all assembled at one of the several roads leading out of town. Just outside the Dome, the military were clearing out. Citizens were spraypainting messages on the wall, throwing bottles at the invisible shield, and generally making a mess. Because this is Under the Dome, every major character on the show suddenly appeared in the exact same place. Julia Shumway and Barbie, Big Jim and Sheriff Linda, Ollie the Barfly and Reverend Coggins. Coggins, who so far on the show has been portrayed as a shifty drug addict who doesn’t know how fire works, has had a Radical Character Transformation. Now’s he’s a doomsayer preaching about his direct line to the Almighty. “This Dome is His Wish for a New Eden,” he said.

Sheriff Linda pulled out a gun, which almost caused a riot. Big Jim gave yet another speech. Exact transcript: “Football is a game of inches. Today we declare our Independence Day. You’ve bled with Wallace, now bleed with me!” Big Jim’s amazing powers of rhetoric once again narrowly stopped a riot. Then Sheriff Linda fainted.

Elsewhere, Julia was following a lead. She found a curious map inside of Barbie’s bag, with “X” marking a spot. She found DJ Phil Bushey’s trailer. More to the point, she found her husband’s car. Phil claimed that Peter sold him the car. Then he fainted. Lot of that going around.

At the hospital, Alice and Carolyn led their daughter Norrie and local boy Joe into the hospital, to investigate the Mysterious Seizures. The nurse didn’t have time to help. The hospital was filling up with people, and they were low on medical professionals. One doctor was on vacation; one died on Dome Day; one was the dear departed Mr. Shumway, current location unknown. Fortunately, Alice is a doctor. Or a psychiatrist, but doctors are all doctors, right? (It’s kind of like on The Walking Dead, when they introduced Hershel by saying that he was just a veterinarian, but then immediately showed him performing radical invasive surgery on a human being. Whatever! Doctor stuff!) Alice used her vague memories from medical school to announce that they had an epidemic of Meningitis on their hands, and they needed a wheelbarrow full of antibiotics, stat.

Meanwhile, in the Bunker of Perpetual Boredom: Angie tried to escape. She did not succeed in escaping. Then she tried escaping again, and accidentally knocked open a pipe. She conked her head and fell down unconscious, while the bunker began filling up with water.

Big Jim and Barbie set off to get antibiotics for the town’s sick. Big Jim gave his son a shotgun and said that no one could depart the hospital, lest the infection spread. Junior closed the door and announced: “No one leaves. No one.” There was an interesting analogy here: The Dome has closed off the town, and now Big Jim was closing down the hospital. But this nifty idea wasn’t really explored. Under the Dome is filled with nifty ideas that aren’t really explored. (Example A: “All the Doctors in town are gone! We’re in trouble! What a dramatic situation!” “Actually, that visiting tourist lady from out of town is a Doctor.” Dramatic Stasis: ACHIEVED!)

Julia was feeling under the weather, but she took the opportunity to question Phil Bushey. She asked him why Barbie had a map to his place. “Peter, I’m sorry man, I can’t make it to the cabin today,” Phil said, rambling. Doctor Alice walked up and told Julia to leave the poor man alone: “He’s hallucinating. It’s one of the symptoms of Meningitis. And he’s also saying vague phrases that seem calculated to incrementally move a mystery subplot forward. It’s one of the symptoms of Meningitis. I’m a Doctor.” Julia walked up to Junior and said she wanted to leave, and she mentioned that Phil used the word “cabin.” “Oh, like the cabin I found Barbie in!” said Junior. “Right at the end of Sparrow Lane.” “That must be it!” said Julia. “How many cabins could there possibly be in a single town?”

Doctor Alice walked up and said: “Conveniently-timed revelations. It’s one of the symptoms of Meningitis. I’m a Doctor.”

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