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'Tyrant' season 3 premiere recap: 'Spring'

Life, death, and lots of fashion-forward style

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Kata Vermes/FX


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Justin Kirk, Alice Krige

Welcome to the big bad world of Tyrant, where the stakes are high, sand dunes are aplenty and style is never lacking. With plenty of burning questions carrying over from the season 3 finale — did Jamal really die? Will Bassam act on his attraction to Daliyah? Might Ahmed step up to fill his father’s empty seat of power? — there’s the overarching plot point of whether Bassam will leave Abuddin or stay behind to successfully usher in a democracy should he assume the responsibilities of interim president. So much drama, amiright? And as much as we love the drama, we love the fashion more, so this season, EW recaps will focus on plot as seen through a style-focused lens: Think luxe caftans, jewels, head wraps, and yes, Western gear galore. Let’s jump in, shall we?


Bassam is back in western-style clothing — a crisp shirt and tailored pants — when he’s called “Mr. President” by a member of his household staff. “Mr. President. Still sounds so strange,” he says with a deep breath. After all, it’s been a crazy two weeks since his brother was nearly killed by his daughter-in-law. (You read that right: Jamal isn’t dead! He’s just on the brink.) But, onto the real question guiding the hour: Can Bassam create and carry out a democracy, as per his late mother’s wishes for him? It’ll be tough — especially with the looming fear of violence against his family — but it’s worth noting that Bassam definitely acts increasingly imperious as the episode goes on. Maybe this “in command” thing will be easier than he thought?

Kata Vermes/FX

Leila is clad in a curve-clinging cream dress — worn, ironically as she cleans up her husband’s mess — with a draped neckline that proves low-cut isn’t always sexiest. Also, that tied-back bun? It hints at the severe, just like her delivery when she tells her son Ahmed what’s what when it comes to dealing with his wife. Of course, she doesn’t succeed in her mission of tidying up her husband’s papers and records before the police come in, but does that really matter when you get to stomp off screen looking like a young Sofia Loren? Um, no. “I risked my life to bring my husband to justice,” Leila says. Anyone else think that a little house arrest won’t do anything to tame her growing restlessness about the uneasy political situation at hand?

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Kata Vermes/FX

Welp, this is the face of a woman who can’t face her potential future, much less eat her favorite cookies (as so lovingly served by her butler Aziz) or — shocker! — even dip into her La Mer eye cream.

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