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True Blood recap: Lost and Found

As a search party hunts for those kidnapped by the H-vamps, Pam locates Eric and the vigilantes find weapons

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True Blood 01
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True Blood

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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Sci-fi and Fantasy, Drama

The final season of True Blood is going to be a dark one, this we know. And even though this episode features a mass grave and strong Hurricane Katrina references, it begins with a scene that will make fans very, very happy: The wait for Jason to have a sex dream about Eric is over. (Note how much restraint it took to not use an exclamation point there.)

You’ll recall that Eric healed Jason at Vamp Camp in episode 609, telling him, “When you dream of me, dream of nice things.” Presumably in the six months that have passed since then in the show’s timeline, Jason hasn’t had that pleasure. But now, it’s time, because the show wants to bookend this hour with Jason finding dream Eric in all his shirt-open glory and Pam finding real Eric sickly with Hep-V veins marking his heavage.

Jason’s dream is a lengthy four-and-a-half minutes long and wonderfully Jason—from the ill-prepared martini and oversize glass, to the unexpected truth bomb (men who are really islands don’t need to get away from people to think), to the physicality of shoving Eric and eventually tackling him. EW spoke with Ryan Kwanten, writer Kate Barnow, and director Howard Deutch about how the sequence came together—read that here. The sexual tension is like a rubber band: It starts fun and light (Jason’s reaction to Eric’s looong pour), then turns almost violent as the power play between the alpha males takes hold. Finally, with the aforementioned shirtless tackle, it snaps into sensual, chill-inducing foreplay worthy of the show’s love theme being played and led to Deutch being told by a satisfied HBO that he should also direct porn. (It’s the pec and ab caressing. Well done, Mr. Deutch, who I hope reminded HBO that he made his directorial debut with a little 1986 film calledPretty in Pink.)

Jason wakes up in the church pew right as Eric’s trail of kisses reaches its destination. He, too, enjoyed this dream more than the one he had with Warlow.

Outside the church, Andy admits he doesn’t know how to narrow down the search for the people kidnapped by the H-vamps, but Sookie says she does: using the dead girl she found in the woods. They make plans to form a search party, and Sam tells the rest of the town to busy themselves during daylight hours by getting Bellefleur’s (formerly Merlotte’s) back in order for when Arlene returns.

Cut to the basement at Fangtasia where Arlene, Holly, Nicole, and the others can hear the H-vamps upstairs arguing over the one vamp, Ronnie, eating Kevin by himself and cutting down their rations. The Vamp-in-Charge is young, level-headed Jerome (played by Eugene Byrd, who Bones fans will recognize as Clark). He puts Ronnie on sleep duty and gives the role of Reaper to former school teacher Betty, who is okay killing people as long as it’s not savage-like.

When Betty goes to pick the next victim, she’s about to choose Arlene—that chartreuse dress? she deserves to die—but takes another woman instead. Arlene recognizes the Reaper—she taught her and Holly’s kids. As pregnant Nicole cramps and detoxing alcoholic Jane pukes, Arlene decides Betty is their way out. If nothing else good comes out of this kidnapped arc, at least it gives Carrie Preston a chance to deliver this line: “Listen to me, y’all: I know I’ve had some pretty s–ty luck, and it probably ain’t too reassurin’ to be in a situation this f—ed up with me at your side. But that is why you gotta believe me when I tell you that I did not survive four lousy husbands, a serial killer boyfriend, and the sorta suicide of my love Terry to die in the dingy basement of a f—in’ vampire bar. I am gettin’ us out of here. Do you hear me?” Go, Arlene. Make us forget all about that Ifrit story line and remind us why Preston won an Emmy for The Good Wife.

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