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True Blood recap: 'You're No Good' recap (season 6, episode 3)

Eric knocks on Ginger’s door, as Bill and Niall attempt to keep things interesting at Sookie’s

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True Blood 603 Recap
John P. Johnson/HBO

True Blood

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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
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True Blood, if I didn’t have to recap you, I might start fast-forwarding. It’s not that I’m flat-out hating any story line this season (unlike Season 5’s Ifrit, I trust Bilith will have a payoff). It’s just that inching along each hour is getting tiresome. And we’re only in week 3. Thank god for Eric. Let’s start there.

We began by watching Eric kneeling in front of Willa Burrell, the governor’s daughter, in her bedroom. I interviewed that actress, Amelia Rose Blaire, before the season began, and she said all her friends wanted to know when she got cast on the show (of which she was already a huge fan) was if she got to meet Alexander Skarsgard. Oh, my, did she. Eric’s original plan, he informed Willa while grabbing her at her lady center, was to “tear you apart, right down here.” He wanted her father to suffer when he found her dead body. As Eric lowered his head, Willa somehow managed to speak and told him that killing her wouldn’t stop her father, but she knows things about the experiments he’s doing on vampires that might be useful. You know, Willa, I would have waited a few more seconds to interrupt him.

Meanwhile, at Bill’s place, Jessica pestered him enough that he had to tell her that SHE was one of the vampires he saw burning in the sun in his vision of the future. Bill promised he would stop it.

Back at Sookie’s house, she was in her bedroom practicing channeling her ball of light, while Jason and Niall were on Warlow watch in the living room. As Jason excused himself to take some narcotics that Lafayette left in the kitchen cupboard, Niall sensed that Warlow was near. Niall wanted Sookie to stay inside the house, but when Jason collapsed outside, Sookie went to him.

Once Jason was safe inside (“Did I get him?” — ha!), Niall said he was going to take the fight to Warlow because he was tired of waiting around. Sookie asked what we’ve all been wondering: Why does Warlow have such a hard on for her, when there are other better fairies out there? The answer was kinda weak: It’s because her blood is royal. There has to be more to it, right?

NEXT: Willa talks