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True Blood recap: Season 5, ep 8 'Somebody That I Used To Know'

Bill, Alcide, and Hoyt showed their loyalties. Sookie dug into the past. Luna walked a while in Sam’s skin. Tara faced down a tormentor, and the Ifrit laid down the gauntlet.

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True Blood Recap

True Blood

TV Show
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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Sci-fi and Fantasy, Drama

This week presented more of Russell’s insidious infiltration of The Authority. What does he want? Still unclear. Whether it’s pure anarchy or — more likely — something much more coldly calculated, his appetite for blood, lust, and all things whimsically perverse is being fed aplenty. Truly, he’s about the only one who’s satisfied this week as nearly everyone else betrays his or her own weakness in the face of outside attackers.

Picking up where we left off, Jason left Chez Compton when he saw the bursts of light coming from Stackhouse Shack. He found Sookie trying to sparkle-finger the fairy right out of herself. Jason gave her a wonderfully charming big brother pep talk, telling her not to waste her fairy powers because they were a legacy from their parents — not a curse (or, as Sookie has unfortunately discovered, a way to find out which local pervs want to suck your toes). The Stackhouse sibs sought expertise from the burlesque fairies, who reluctantly obliged after Sookie started screaming about vampires in the middle of their club.

They all headed to the Bridges of Bon Temps County, where the fairies told her some mumbo jumbo about time being frozen and energy waves and Albert Einstein (he was a halfling, too!). Long story short, they  joined hands in a circle, and Sookie channeled all their energy to tap into her mother’s memories of the night Ma & Pa Stackhouse were murdered. The experiment went awry when Sookie made a psychic connection with the very vampire that killed her parents. We didn’t see his full face, but whose name we learned is Warlow. (Claudine was there, too.) A sign of absolutely nothing good to come, Warlow appeared to Sookie at episode’s end and garble-threatened her: “I’m coming  for you. You. Are. Mine.”

NEXT: Bill makes a choice (that choice involves bombs)


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