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True Blood recap: The Long Goodbye

One duo has an emotional break-up, while one couple has a hot hook-up

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John P. Johnson/HBO

True Blood

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On Hiatus
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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Sci-fi and Fantasy, Drama

First things first: Why did we picture Scott Foley, whose character’s name I can’t even remember, when Eric released Pam and Alcide was last seen FINALLY making out with Sookie on her couch? Because this is the only photo spoilerphobic HBO provided of the episode. (I would have settled for a shot of Roman’s blood-splattered face, even.) Let’s dig in.

So as we expected, Pam saved Tara from her suicide mission at Curl Up & Fry. Watching Pam pull off a bit of Tara’s melted skin reminded me of last season when Pam had to have her skin peeled. Like mother like daughter! Tara wanted to finish the job, but Pam pulled an “As your maker, I command you…” on her, so she couldn’t.

Bill and Eric, still rigged with iStakes, were set free and returned to Fangtasia because Eric needed to question Pam about whether she’d help free Russell. As far as the boys know, only four people knew where he was buried — Bill, Eric, Alcide, and her. After Pam informed Eric he was a grandfather — hilarious — Bill took Tara to Eric’s office where she could finally change out of her bloody clothes and into a Fangtasia T-shirt, impersonate Pam’s “As your maker” command (also hilarious), and tell Bill he needs to stop worrying about Sookie above all else. She will always be fine, Tara said, because there will always be a fool willing to take a bullet for Sookie — and look where it got her. Eric, meanwhile, had Pam pinned to the bar with his hand around her throat.

Pam told Eric she’d gladly die 1,000 deaths for him before she’d ever betray him, but if he couldn’t trust her more than Bill or Alcide, he should just say the words and release her. Eric told Bill he believed Pam, so they have no idea who the leak is. From the way Bill talked — asking Eric if Nora found out about Russell and wanted to raise him as an ally — I guess we are supposed to believe she really was helping to plan a coup against Roman. Still, Eric said there’s no way she could have known.

The next night, Pam woke up in her basement coffin wearing a pink track suit and high heels — naturally. She checked on Tara in her coffin, and Eric came downstairs. I love that this scene — Eric releasing her not because he didn’t trust or care about her but because he wants to ensure his legacy lives on with her — took place there. It made me think back to a happier time — when Lafayette was being held captive in the basement and Eric dismembered that guy and asked Lafayette if he had blood in his hair because Pam was giving him highlights and would kill him. Eric told Pam that searching for Russell was a suicide mission, and even if he and Bill succeeded, the Authority could still have their heads for treason. He needed her to live when he’s gone. She’s a maker now, so their blood will thrive. Pam accepted it, and they stood on the stairs embracing as she cried. My question: She can still choose to stand by him even though he released her, right? Just because he won’t summon her doesn’t mean she can’t come.

Pam has started to take her maker responsibilities seriously, which should mean Rutina Wesley will finally get something to do other than sulk and rage this season. Pam awoke Tara from her sleep, and you could tell she’d been crying blood recently. She had a woman with her, Melanie, and told Tara she needed to feed. “Seriously, three days old and she has an eating disorder. Why me?” Pam quipped to Melanie. Tara refused to see humans as food, even if Melanie insisted she was delicious, so Pam commanded her to drink. “This is who you are now. Top of the chain. No human can hurt you any longer. They’re yours to savor,” Pam said. “No human can hurt you any longer” — she may finally be talking Tara’s language. What will Pam and Tara do if they’re not helping Eric and Bill? Ideas?

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