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True Blood recap: Truth or Consequences

Tara and Jason continue to sulk, while Bill and Eric learn about the iStake

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True Blood Tara
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True Blood

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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Sci-fi and Fantasy, Drama

When you look at this hour on paper, so much happened. And yet, it still feels like we’re ramping up and waiting for the action to truly begin. Maybe if we would have seen more of Bill’s and Eric’s sex scenes with Salome, I’d have felt like we got more bang for our buck. Let’s dig in…

Tara, with her newly heightened senses, nearly chowed down on a young woman who needed help changing a tire. After seeing the reflection of herself in the windshield as she was about to bite, Tara apologized and zoomed off to Merlotte’s, where a confused Sam fed her bottle after bottle of Tru Blood. He wanted to call Lafayette or Sookie, but Tara told him not to tell them where she was. Meanwhile, Sookie went to Pam to beg her to summon Tara, because she and Lafayette couldn’t catch her on their own. Pam was too busy texting and trying to figure out why Eric hadn’t been home in four days to be bothered.

After their shoving match (Sookie won), Sookie had to wait until the next day to listen to Sam’s thoughts and hear that he was trying to think of anything, like her boobs, other than the walk-in freezer where he’d put Tara. Eventually, Tara awoke, pissed off as ever. She hinted to Alcide that there was something Sookie wasn’t telling him, threatened to rip everyone’s throats out if they didn’t leave her alone, and vanished. She ended up at the Curl Up & Fry tanning salon trying to commit suicide in a tanning bed. (So that’s why we saw Bill, Eric, Nora, and the baby eater under the UV lights in their cells, to see how much that would hurt.) “You stupid b—-,” Pam said, sensing what Tara was doing. I assume she’ll reluctantly save her.

If I zoomed through that bit, it’s because this Tara story line still feels just like a roundabout way to have Pam flashback to 1905, and being turned by Eric. That was the most interesting part of the episode for me. Eric came into Pam’s San Francisco brothel, and though she offered him any of her ladies, including Rubber Ruby, he wanted her. She said a good merchant doesn’t compete with her merchandise, and he said a good customer knows everything has its price. In this case, that was Eric getting rid of the vampires who’d been draining her girls — Bill and his maker, Lorena.

Eric burst in right as Bill was about to finish the job on an artery conveniently located near the groin, and Bill jumped up to defend Lorena. “Lorena, you procreated. He is protective. How sweet,” Eric said. So this was the first time he met Bill. Eric was prepared to stake him, but seeing how brave, loyal, and strong he was for a vampire so young, he thought it’d be a waste to punish Bill with the true death just because his maker hadn’t taught him to respect his elders. Lorena apologized to Eric, and he said it was Pam to whom she owed an apology. And $500 for every girl they’d drained, Pam added. Eric smiled, again appreciating how fearless she is. Bill and Lorena exited, and Pam told Eric, “I believe we have a debt to settle.” He smiled, walked to her, grabbed her, and kissed her gently, spinning them out of frame toward her bedroom. Pam cried a single tear in her coffin at the memory.

NEXT: Pam is turned, Steve Newlin is promoted