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True Blood recap: Nest Behavior

As news of the Authority’s and Russell’s true agendas travels, some countermeasures prove more successful than others

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True Blood Sookie Jason
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True Blood

TV Show
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On Hiatus
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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Sci-fi and Fantasy, Drama

When I look at this season of True Blood, I think of the time my mother, sister, and I were the only ones riding a Tilt-A-Whirl at a county fair in Pennsylvania. The operator of the ride worked the controls to maximize our spinning. I choose to believe he did that because he thought we’d enjoy it, not so I would get pinned to the back of my seat and wouldn’t be able to breathe and my mother would get so sick she’d end up missing most of the concert we were there to see later that night. The True Blood writers had good intentions, I’m sure, when they separated the show’s characters this season: the actors would be serviced with their individual story lines and fans would have more arcs to ponder. But really, it’s felt like we’ve been spinning in a circle when we’d rather have just headed in one direction. With this episode, the story lines finally started to merge. Is it just in time or too little too late? Let’s dig in.

At the Authority HQ, Bill heard his called, and it led him to the Room O’ Lilith. After some of her shrieking, she appeared in all her bloody, naked glory. “Only one can lead us. I choose you,” she said. “Drink the blood. Drink it all.” He wouldn’t do it. Why, I’m not sure. She shrieked again, and she was gone. Only a bloody hand print was left on the glass case that housed her blood. Bored now, Lilith. Nora, meanwhile, was having flashbacks to spirit Godric’s message about Lilith being a Godless god before Lilith killed him. Salome thought Nora might be having doubts, but Nora assured her she wasn’t. Salome kissed Nora’s forehead, and Nora pulled her in for a real kiss. The look on Nora’s face as she walked away told us she’d done that so Salome would think her loyal.

Loyalty is the name of the game at the Authority. Jessica wanted to borrow Bill’s phone to warn Jason that Newlin is on the loose with Russell. And Sookie, too. Bill told Jessica his belief in Lilith has allowed him to see Sookie, Jason, and the others in Bon Temps as food only. Jessica told him she’d make Jason a vampire because the vampire Bible says the greatest gift you can give a human is to turn them and it’d be good for her and Jason’s relationship. Bill’s less easily fooled than Nora. He called her on it. He ordered two men to fly her to Bon Temps in a helicopter so she could sire Jason immediately. How could he require other vamps to become makers and not her? Someone needs to kick Bill square in the nuts.

Cut to Eric. He’d do! Eric, looking tired and/or hungry, was pacing in his deep-purple decorated room, which is definitely preferable to Bill and Salome’s loud red suite. Nora came to him, and they embraced. Then the clothes started to come off. She straddled him on the bed and begged “Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me” as they started to have sex. “What are we gonna do?” she asked. “I’ll get us out of here,” Eric said, and flipped her over onto the bed in vamp speed. So… that felt like a strange time to have sex, right? I have two theories: 1) If anyone was listening in on their conversation, they wanted it to be harder to decipher through the moans. 2) When you’re feeling that alone and hopeless and find someone who’s finally on your side again, you want to feel that close to them, for both momentary comfort and distraction. I didn’t expect we’d have time for another sex scene in the show with all the wars raging, so I’ll take it.

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