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True Blood recap: Make Love And War

Eric is under Antonia’s spell to kill Bill, while Jessica is on top of Jason

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Deborah Ann Woll

True Blood

TV Show
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On Hiatus
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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Sci-fi and Fantasy, Drama

You know we’re nearing the end of a True Blood season when you’ve seen enough sex that dream threesome foreplay doesn’t make you rewind. Let’s dig in…

So not surprisingly, Sookie survived being shot with a wooden bullet in the cemetery. At first, she was too far gone to take Bill’s blood, but after Bill and Alcide prayed offscreen (“Werewolf and a vampire, who’s gonna listen?” Alcide asked) she did. She eventually woke up, and I found myself wondering whether Bill had asked Alcide to go get a washcloth so he could clean his blood off her face. Thoughtful. Sookie’s first thought was of Eric, who Bill said was missing. Alcide had enough of Sookie risking her life for fangers and left. Sookie thanked Bill for giving her his blood, and he said anytime. I should have been anticipating a lust-filled dream, but mainly, my mind was still on how close Alcide’s head was to the ceiling when he walked out of her living room. It reminded me of studying abroad in London my junior year of college, and my flatmate Amy watching an NYPD Blue episode and suddenly addressing the TV: “Jimmy Smits, you a big tall man. Well alright.” (That was 15 years ago, and I still impersonate her.)

The next time we saw Sookie, she was on her couch, but dressed in red lingerie. We knew from the slo-mo and dreamy jazz that it was a dream sequence. She rose to answer the door in stilettos, and it was Eric, dressed like Real Eric with heavage. He didn’t speak, he just walked in and started kissing her. Oh, how we’ve missed you Real Eric, or at least your fashion sense. As he kissed down her body, we saw Bill sitting at the table.

Bill wanted her to tell Eric that she never stopped loving him, and that’s why he was in her dream. She couldn’t help herself, she told Eric. She’d had Bill’s blood. The boys prepared to fight, with Eric shouting that he was 10 times Bill’s age, and Bill yelling that he loved Sookie 20 times as much. She ordered them to the living room to have a talk. Ultimately, she explained that she could be dreaming about anything — swimming with dolphins, eating a whole pie without the calories counting — so the fact that she was dreaming about the two of them must mean something. She’s in love with both of them. Bill said she couldn’t be, that’s not who she is. Sookie said she was putting that self-conscious little girl who was too scared to think outside the box behind her. New Sookie doesn’t have to be Bill’s or Eric’s. Bill and Eric could be hers.

The men protested. “I’m the king of Louisiana, I do not share,” Bill said. Eric told her she had to choose. But Sookie played hardball. Why is it a man wanting to be with two women he doesn’t even know is an acceptable idea, but a woman who tries to have her way with two men she’s totally and completely in love with isn’t? She was asking them to love her back, together. “It’s either both of you or nothing at all,” she said. Then, with Gran turning over in her grave, Sookie joined them on the uncomfortable sofa. I thought/hoped she was going to make them kiss — which would have been amazing — but instead, she grabbed their heads and pulled them to her neck. That’s when she woke up. I know the takeaway from that dream was that Sookie still has feelings for Bill (and presumably would even without his blood in her system), but I find it even more fascinating that Eric looked like Real Eric.

Perhaps that was meant to signify that Sookie truly does love Eric, and will even if/when he gets his memory back. Or, she could have just dressed him like that because it felt appropriately naughty for the dream. Real Eric is even more outside the box than Nice Eric. Before me move on, for whom do you think filming that scene was the most awkward: Anna Paquin, her husband Stephen Moyer, or Alexander Skarsgard? I’m sure they laughed their way through it, but still, a threeway isn’t something married actors are asked to shoot every day. I wonder if they cut it short because going farther would’ve made the idea uncomfortable (though the three have done at least one nude magazine photo shoot together), or if it’s because they wanted to leave a place to go to the next time Sookie has a fantasy….

NEXT: Jessica acts her age.