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True Blood recap: Eric, Alcide, and Jason lose their shirts

Alcide helps Sookie track Eric, and both men end up naked; Jason escapes and goes on the run shirtless

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True Bood Marnie
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True Blood

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For future reference, True Blood writers, this episode had the perfect amount of skin. It also had tons of humor, courtesy of child-like Eric and Lafayette, and satisfying amounts of sexual tension (Eric and a tempted Sookie on his bed) and foreplay (Alcide and Debbie on the couch). In short, I will now be very hopeful when I see “written by Nancy Oliver” come up in the opening credits.

Because this Eric story line is turning out to be as good as everyone, or at least I, hoped for, let’s start there. Eric passed out after feeding on Claudine. I wondered if she’d tampered with her blood incase he drank from her, but no. Eric was just high as a kite. “Heeeeeey,” he said to Sookie in a dazed stoner voice when he stood up. Then, things turned serious, for a second. “More. I want more,” he said. “You can’t have anymore. There isn’t any more. You drank the whole fairy and you’re going to your room,” Sookie answered, like she was putting a child in a timeout. Eric tried to bite her, but he stopped when Sookie told him that he’d kill her. “I would never harm you,” he said. I believed him. His fangs popped back in. I wish I was counting how many times he’ll do that for comedy’s sake this season. It’ll never get old.

Eric didn’t want to go to his room. He wanted to play a game of tag, which he started by pinching Sookie’s “beautiful butt” twice. “You’re drunk,” Sookie ascertained. “Catch me,” Eric said. He darted around her yard and went AWOL once she told him it would be dawn soon. He didn’t care. The only thing that would have made that scene better is if he’d been shirtless, I wrote in my notes. Which is why the next time we saw Eric felt like a dream I didn’t remember having… Sookie needed help finding him before the fairy blood wore off in the daylight. That, friends, is a solid excuse to call Alcide. When he started to take off his shirt, I felt like shouting what my sister did at a Bon Jovi concert this year when Jon changed shirts onstage for “Livin’ on a Prayer”: “Thank you, Jesus!” I’d love to have been on the set for discussions of how far down Joe Manganiello should pull his jeans before the camera switched angles. That was lower than I anticipated. Not sure which deity to thank for that. How many times did you rewind? I only did once. Stupidly, I thought the blanket Sookie was carrying was for Alcide when he changed back to human form after finding Eric. But duh, it was for Eric, incase he started to burn from the inside out.

Eventually, wolf Alcide brought Sookie to a lake, and up popped Eric, naked to his waist. Here’s what I loved about this: At first, you’re just thinking it’s a funny scene that also gets Alexander Skarsgard wet and nude. (There ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.) But this wasn’t just about Eric pretending he was a god of the sea who was prepared to destroy sea monsters (read: gators) before they bit off his man parts. It wasn’t about Alcide turning back into human form so he and Eric could be ogled while they traded barbs like “stinking dog” and “dumbs— fanger,” or Sookie getting to act like their mother (“Alcide, stop making that noise. Eric, put up those fangs and do what I say”). It wasn’t about the fairy blood wearing off so Eric could innocently utter “Sookie, I hurt” while smoke started rising from his sculpted shoulders and probably more than half the show’s viewers made a joke about how it was because he’s so effin’ hot. It was about Eric having fun in the sun and not wanting to return to the darkness.

NEXT: Eric and Sookie almost kiss.