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True Blood recap: Take a Bite Out of Crime

Sookie and Tara team up as Bill barely hangs on

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True Blood 30
John P. Johnson/HBO

True Blood

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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Sci-fi and Fantasy, Drama

Blood on Eric’s blue cashmere V-neck J. Crew sweater (in which 70 percent of Popwatch readers said Eric is the hottest he’s ever looked) — that is a shame. But the messier True Blood gets, the better. And this one made you want to shower afterward.

So when Sookie was brought into the King’s mansion, Bill staked one of his minions. Cue both Sookie and Talbot screaming. Bill mounted Russell’s shoulders, preparing to strike, but all Russell, who’s nearly 3,000 years old, had to do was shrug basically, and Bill flew up into the ceiling and crashed back down. Bill begged Eric to get Sookie out of there, but Eric grabbed Sookie and told Russell, ”I wouldn’t let go of this, if I were you. I don’t know what it is. But I know it’s quite valuable.” For a moment, you might have through Talbot was enraptured in the drama, like Bridget Jones’ gay friend Tom (”Fight! Come on then, it’s a real fight!”). But he wasn’t having any of it. ”Do you care nothing about our home?,” he said. Having seen the bloodbath Sookie received when Bill staked the vampire Longshadow in Fangtasia that time, it could have been so much worse, Talbot.

Russell had Bill sent to the slave quarters and told Lorena to kill him. She reluctantly agreed to and Sookie told her if she succeeded, she’d kill her. ”Oh please, please try. Without that sanctimonious little prick Godric to save you, I would just love to rip you open and wear your ribcage as a hat,” Lorena said. (If I were the show’s creator, I would have insisted upon writing this episode, too, Alan Ball.)

The King had to go work things out with his husband… because Eric and Sookie needed a moment alone to establish that he could get her to shut up simply by putting his hand over her mouth (funny) and wouldn’t be helping her out of this, at least not yet, because he needs to keep on Russell’s good side until he can bring him down for leading the V-addicted wolf pack that killed Eric’s family. What I loved most about that conversation is that Sookie never doubted for one second that she would survive this ordeal. She was going to live to kill Lorena, and, as she told Eric, ”I hate your f—ing guts, Eric Northman. I promise I will pay you back for this.” Even though Eric had told her, ”You mean nothing to me, understand? Nothing,” and not to get in his way when he was so close to getting what we know to be revenge on Russell, I still think he’ll help Sookie in the end. I think that’s why he wanted the King to see how valuable she was. Eric just needed to keep Sookie alive while he dealt with Russell, then he could save her. One thing I don’t get though: We know Sookie was thinking back to their porch conversation since she impersonated Eric telling her he was risking everything to tell her about Operation Werwolf — why didn’t she try to tell Eric that she’d seen Russell feeding the wolves his blood? It would have been the same outcome since Eric already knew about Russell, but Sookie didn’t know that.

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