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True Blood season finale recap: Once Burned, Twice Shy

Sookie seeks solace, Tara takes off, and Bill and Eric have another fang-wagging contest

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True Blood
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True Blood

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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Sci-fi and Fantasy, Drama

It’s interesting: After all Sookie has been though this season at the hands (and fangs) of vampires, it still turned my stomach when she took such pleasure in pouring Talbot’s remains down the garbage disposal at Fangtasia in front of Russell. Even if the glee was a side effect of her having drank Bill’s blood — or something meant to show us just how much Sookie could hate vampires — it seemed uncharacteristically cruel. Not the act itself of making sure Russell couldn’t somehow bring Talbot back using her blood, but the laughter that accompanied it. She enjoyed making Russell suffer. She really has lost sight of who she is.

Creator Alan Ball wrote the season 3 finale, and right from the moment Russell said, ”Shut the f— up and die, please,” as he and Eric lay handcuffed, side-by-side in the sun, you knew we were in for some good quips. (And a lot of profanity.) Eric was talking to the vision of Godric, who wanted Eric to end the cycle of hate and forgive Russell, who said he slaughtered Eric’s family because he wanted a couple of goats for his wolves. ”Forgiveness is love. Love is all,” Godric told Eric. Eric promised his father he’d avenge him, so Russell had to die. ”Only peace follows death for all,” Godric said. ”Even for him.” Eric screamed.

Sookie woke up with Bill’s blood still on her lips. She slapped him for betraying her, again. He said he’d only pretended to betray her to save her life, again. And it had worked. Russell was outside dying with Eric. Against Bill’s wishes, Sookie went outside to save Eric, who told her to go away. Russell dropped enough f-bombs and threats until Sookie was pissed enough to power her gift and zapped the handcuffs connecting Eric to Russell. Russell told her to drag him the f— inside, and Sookie propelled him across the parking lot, father away from Fangtasia. ”You watch your f—in’ language,” she told him. She dragged Eric inside. He was too weak to ”drop fang,” so Sookie made Bill bite her wrist so she could feed Eric her blood and heal him.

Over at Sam’s place, he made Tara some morning-after breakfast as she watched Nan Flanagan debate Rev. Steve Newlin from the Fellowship of the Sun on the TV. (Nan made a good point: If humans thought all vampires should die just because Russell tore a man’s spine out on national TV, then all humans should die because of what Osama bin Laden did on 9/11. Timely.) Sam finally told Tara that he was a shapeshifter. Her reaction: ”Shut the f— up.” She had too many ”supernatural freaks” in her life already. She wished she could reboot her life and pretend she didn’t know all that she’d recently learned. Sam told her someone as smart as her could, she’d just have to keep moving so her past didn’t catch up to her.

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