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Top Chef: Just Desserts recap: Black Cake Moan

A daunting challenging of black and white desserts pits the men against the women

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Morgan Top Chef Deserts
Kelsey McNeal/Bravo

Top Chef: Just Desserts

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Okay, Top Chef, your built-in advertisements are starting to get out of control. Last night’s Quickfire — a.k.a. the Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Quickfire — came with a fun fact: No matter how many times the contestants washed up, their hands would retain their moisture. How was this episode not super-sized just to fit in that mouthful?

Our protagonists, of course, hit the sinks multiple times because they had to create savory desserts — despite the savory thing being so two-thousand-and-late — using a single pot. Yep, no stand mixers, no ice-cream makers, no mixing bowls — just Dawn Hand Renewal and their creativity. Michael Laiskonis, executive pastry chef of Le Bernardin and Most Intimidating Guest Judge, according to Zac and Morgan, presided over the Quickfire.

For me, the highlights here weren’t so much about the food, but rather the little random moments that unveiled new information about the contestants, making them seem more than just fame-hungry TV pawns. As much as I loved hearing Yigit wax adorably about his supportive parents, seeing Zac run through the kitchen was the best. His trot is as wee and dainty as you would’ve imagined. Counterbalancing all the aww moments was Morgan’s display of brute force. You’d think he was rescuing his child from a burning home the way he grabbed those beets. In the process, he elbowed Heather H. in the lip, caused a bump, and she, of course, went on to complain, then complain some more.

But to be fair, Heather H.’s rant seemed warranted this time, as opposed to, you know, turning on the guy for seemingly no apparent reason. See, Morgan doesn’t just have a problem with restraining himself physically; he tends to run off the mouth, too. This time it was about using liquid nitrogen. Yigit summed it up best: “Seth lives.”

Elsewhere in the kitchen, Team Go Diva was as exclusive as ever, with Yigit taking all the bacon and sharing only with Heather H., not Erika (who actually wanted it). Divas only share with other divas, duh!

After all was tasted and done, Eric, Danielle and Heather H. wound up in the bottom three. To no one’s surprise, Eric continued his I-do-what-I-know routine by making breakfast, since he’d never done a savory dessert. Danielle and Heather H. both had problems with timing — the former undercooked her corn, while the latter overcooked her beets.

Morgan (sweet potato risotto with beet sorbet), Yigit (chocolate cremeux with bacon fat) and Zac (steamed beet cake with sweet goat cheese cream) took top honors, and when Zac was given the win (yay!), Gail offered him the choice of immunity or money. And in what had to be a totally planned conversation, Zac asked Gail to up the stakes, because everyone knows reality show hosts have the power to spontaneously tinker with the show’s budget and all. She upped the amount to $5,000 and with that, Zac traded immunity for money, which will most likely be used to fuel his diet of chips and ice cream.

NEXT: Wait! Nobody made a black-and-white cookie? Blasphemy!


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