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Timeless recap: Season 1, Episode 7

Nothing brings coworkers together like getting marooned in the 1750s

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So far, Timeless has made time travel look pretty fun. Sure, Rufus, Wyatt, and Lucy have spent most of their time chasing after a homicidal terrorist, but they’ve also hung out with some pretty cool people, from Davy Crockett to Abraham Lincoln. And I mean, come on: They got to face off against Nazis with the real-life James Bond. That’s pretty cool.

But “Stranded” finds them, well, stranded…in a pretty nasty part of American history. Our time-traveling trio has chased Flynn to September 1754, smack in the middle of the French and Indian War. Past missions like 1960s Vegas or 1970s Washington have been kind of glamorous, even enjoyable at times, but there’s nothing fun about being stuck in the woods in the middle of the 18th century.

To make things worse, we didn’t exactly leave our heroes in a great place, and they’re all still mad at each other for various (and legitimate!) reasons. Wyatt and Lucy are still ticked off at Rufus for secretly recording them for Rittenhouse, and Wyatt and Rufus are angry at Lucy for not telling them about Flynn’s journal. And Wyatt? Well, Wyatt is kind of being a jerk about the whole thing, so Rufus and Lucy are annoyed with him.

The good news? Nothing brings coworkers together like being stuck in the 1750s on the run from French soldiers. After getting accused of being British spies and escaping from the French, Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus stumble upon Flynn’s men, who’ve attached explosives to the Lifeboat. Wyatt manages to take most of them out, but not before they blow some considerable holes in the ship and take off with the Mothership, leaving our heroes trapped in time.

If you had to pick a time period to be stuck in, the 1750s probably wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice. Not only is this the height of the French and Indian War, but there’s also smallpox to worry about, as Lucy helpfully keeps reminding everyone. So, Rufus decides to follow Mason Industries protocol and leave a message in a bottle, buried three feet in front of the Lifeboat, hoping the company will find it 250 years later. In the meantime, the three of them decide to set out for the nearby Fort Duquesne in the hopes of gathering enough supplies to patch up some of the Lifeboat’s holes.

Before long, however, they’re kidnapped by the Shawnee, a Native American tribe led by a woman named Nonhelema. A real-life 18th-century chieftainess, Nonhelema stood more than 6 feet tall and was an accomplished leader, and Lucy has a total history crush on her. Distrustful of both the British and the French, Nonhelema frees Rufus, thinking he’s a slave, before ordering the executions of both Lucy and Wyatt — but Rufus pleads for his friends’ lives, and it’s enough to convince Nonhelema to let them all go. After a short trip to Fort Duquesne (and some skillful evasion to keep under the French soldiers’ radar), they’ve gathered the materials they need, and Rufus can get to work on (sort of) repairing the Lifeboat.

“We’re short a couple capacitors,” he says.

“Like a flux capacitor?” Wyatt excitedly replies.

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