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Time Traveling Bong: 5 highs from the premiere

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Claire Folger/Comedy Central

Time Traveling Bong

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In reality, the harshest consequence of smoking weed is getting a bad high that eventually wears off. On Comedy Central’s Time Traveling Bong, a three-part miniseries from Broad City‘s Ilana Glazer and Paul W. Downs, the starring stoners have a lot more than some temporary paranoia and scorched throats to worry about when they light up: Jeff and Sharee’s (played by Downs and Glazer) newly discovered vessel for pot is a pipe that transports them to a different era as soon as they inhale — the only problem is, they don’t have any control over which era they end up in.

This isn’t too bad for Jeff, but it doesn’t work out so well for his female cousin, Sharee. Read on for five highs (entertainment-wise — Sharee almost getting killed probably isn’t a peak in her life) from the premiere, and watch the second and third parts when they air on Comedy Central Thursday and Friday at 10:30 p.m. ET.

1. Straight-haired Sharee’s introduction

Time Traveling Bong immediately establishes that Glazer’s character is not the same as her Broad City one — like, at all. She enters the apartment with a dude wearing an “All Lives Matter” shirt — a fashion statement Ilana Wexler would certainly not approve of — and shares that she and this (married!) guy were off shooting guns at the range. In other words, this is Ilana Wexler if she stayed in the suburbs and never discovered Tumblr.

2. It injects some serious into the silly

Yes, this is a goofy show about using a bong to hop through time, but it also makes room to comment on serious issues like race in America. Early in the episode, Sharee and Jeff witness a black woman and white man (the original bong owners) get run over. Afterward, the two try to explain what happened to cops, who could care less. “I’m gonna write one white male killed, jaywalking,” one officer says, completely ignoring the dead black female.

3. All of Sharee and Jeff’s conversations

At first, Sharee’s hesitant to use the bong. “Sorry, Jeff, I have a boyfriend and I have a job,” she reasons. “You’re not going to time travel because of your shift at Hertz Rent a Car?” he snaps back. These two actors don’t get too much shared screen time on Broad City, and their sarcastic, sibling-like relationship here makes a case that they should.

4. Welcome to the 1600s, witch!

Sharee wants to go to Old Hollywood. Instead, they end up in Massachusetts during the Salem witch trials — and guess who they think is a witch? As the town’s inhabitants try to figure out if Sharee is one by physically torturing her (if she dies, she’s human), Jeff has a jolly good time dancing with the local non-witch ladies. Sharee’s gig at Hertz suddenly seems downright cushy compared to this s—hole.

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5. “It’s cashed” takes on a whole new meaning

Jeff successfully smokes up right as Salem’s lovely people are about to burn Sharee, so that’s a good thing. Not a good thing: They then end up in the Paleolithic Period, where they discover they’re out of weed and, it appears, stuck with the cavemen. And judging by the way one of them sniffs Jeff’s crotch, these aren’t the fun kind you saw on Phil of the Future.