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This Is Us

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The laughter stops, though, once William fesses up about why he’s been spending so much time with his old boyfriend-slash-rehab partner. William feels the grim reaper creeping ever nearer to his door, and he doesn’t want to burden Randall and his family with the messy business of his final days. Jessie’s been helping him make arrangements, like finding state-funded hospice care facilities and such. Randall being Randall — someone just give the guy a cape already — says he’s finally ready to hear what William’s saying about not wanting to proceed with chemo treatments. He wants him to consider this his forever home, whatever that entails.

“This is your home now,” he insists. “You’ve lived in this home, and if it comes to that you can die in it. You’re not going to crawl under someone’s porch like a dog.” This is us, in other words. Gulp. We already know how this is going to end, thanks to that gutting look-ahead shot of Randall packing up his hat and favorite sweater. This is about to get extra tough, guys. 

An “Art”nership, starring Kevin and Sloane … and Olivia

Last but not least, we have Kevin to deal with. Kev’s always right on the cusp of being a real person, but he never quite manages to get there. This time, his default to numbskullery lands him in the doghouse with Sloane, because things were just going too well for him and he had to up and sabotage it … albeit with a little help from Olivia. Yep, she’s back.

Kevin’s bright idea to self-finance the play with Sloane starring in the leading-lady role was risky but not as crazy as it might’ve sounded. See, Sloane’s got some chops to work with, too; their jivey chemistry is serviceable enough for the stage, according to the play’s director, so it’s a win all around! This is gonna work! But then here comes Olivia again, with an all-new bob ‘do and some newly unearthed sense of depth (are we really supposed to believe a Tony-winning actress would be so dense to begin with?), and all that wild fishing and howling-based self-discovery has brought her to grovel at Kevin’s feet again. Now he’s got two women who love-lust for him and he doesn’t know how to choose.

This is where he resorts back to classic wang status — he pulls out the proverbial scales to weigh the women based on their physical appeal, despite them both CLEARLY wanting him to see something deeper within each. So, basically, what he thinks of them is (a) Sloane’s a “sexy librarian” type and (b) Olivia’s “intense artist sexy” with a hint of hot librarian in the mix as well, courtesy of her British accent.

Needless to say, Kevin’s road to self-betterment is still miles from its end here, guys.

Eventually, Olivia asks him to make his choice — which Sloane’s conveniently within earshot of, because of course she is — and he chooses Sloane instead of Olivia. At first, it’s sweet. He says things like “she’s kind and she’s sweet, she’s funny and she likes me.” But then his dudebro Manny-ness comes right back and he adds that it’s also the right thing to do “even if it’s not what you want.” [Insert three bajillion head-desk emojis here.] Someone give this man an a-hole-filtromatic plus or something, pronto.

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