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The Whispers recap: Game Over

Drill burns. Wes saves. The aliens arrive — and don’t come in peace.

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Eike Schroter/ABC

The Whispers

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Behold, the notes I hastily typed while watching the last minutes of this episode:



HENRY OKAY CLAIRE OH NO SAD nods –> “sacrifice”

?? Aliens goodbye ? :(

So… yeah. Aliens! And cliffhangers!

To recap what happened in comprehensible English: Everything was not awesome, Claire sacrificed herself to save Henry, and all of Drill’s friends left Earth so that t h e  w h i s p e r s could turn into The Leftovers. (Sort of.) In the end, all Drill wanted to do was send a signal so his fellow Drills could come to Earth and take all the children he befriended, for purposes that weren’t revealed but I’m assuming—just based on what Cassandra said—won’t involve any TV shows or video games that “corrupt children.” Hey, maybe Drill’s race of aliens are just extremely strict babysitters! Babysitters who think kidnapping = “domination” because aliens are nuts.

Speaking of nuts, this show dove headfirst into the “alien invasion” plot and made this final hour something akin to a conspiracy theorist’s fever dream, didn’t it? First, there was Cassandra radiating into a pile of ash, and then there were the creepy adults that I was 110 percent convinced were actually lizard people, and finally, on top of that, there were the spaceships themselves, that formed a spiral and took all the children.

Let’s start with that Cassandra-radiating-into-ash sequence. By the time Claire and Wes have her locked in a Hannibal Lecter-style cage, the adults—save for the POTUS, with his sad glass of liquor—seem to have won. Sean’s revisiting Thomas’ observations and the signal Drill sent in 1982, while Henry and Minx are repairing their friendship. And though Claire and Cassandra-as-Drill argue over parenting styles (complete with little Cassandra’s lisp and Drill’s freaky voice distortion), it’s Wes who provokes her self-destruction. She teases them with one final clue, before doing so: “If you want to win the game, you must be willing to sacrifice.”

That’s when all of Drill’s “friends” stop doing what they’re doing and… turn into mini-monsters. Henry and Minx pack and communicate silently through nods and stares, another girl drugs her mom’s wine, and Nicholas (remember him?) locks his mom in a bedroom and bolts.

After Sean tells Claire that Drill’s friends answered his signal, she dashes out and… gets caught in traffic, because people are trying to run before the aliens invade. She spots a group of the children, though, and ends up following them into a trap—a trap of adults. Menacing adults. They robotically ask her to confirm her identity and surround her. Same with Sean at home—while Sean and Thomas’ father (the man who first noticed Drill’s signal in the ’80s) try to decipher Drill’s message, Henry (now helping Drill) lures Sean into answering the front door, where one of the adults waits. Henry and Minx watch as the Cult of Creepy Adults overpower Sean.

Agent Rollins, meanwhile, also has a visitor: his ex-wife, who, as he described back in the pilot, had left him for another man and gotten pregnant despite not wanting kids during their rocky marriage. He softens when she explains why she’s crashing his incredibly important FBI plans to solve the case of Drill, telling him that if the alien invasion spells the end, she wants to be there with him. It’s a lovely sentiment—if she weren’t a member of the Creepy Cult.

That’s right: Shortly after Rollins spots Harper talking to her Creepy Cult handler, his ex-wife says she wishes he hadn’t seen Harper, and proceeds to stuff him in the trunk of the car. With Claire, Sean, and Rollins out of commission, that leaves only…

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