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The Whispers recap: Broken Child

Sean reunites with Dr. Benavidez to protect Thomas from Drill while the other adults trace Thomas’ past to uncover his secret.

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Eike Schroter/ABC

The Whispers

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Drama, Suspense

Our heroes/concerned parents are back (and so am I—hello again, the w h i s p e r s watchers) and they’re ready to follow more crumb-sized clues tonight in the face of obstacles like: a) a mental institution’s flimsy wallpaper, b) Delaware state law removing records older than seven years, and c) a padlock over a circuit breaker in a hospital basement.

Oh, and children who are actively willing to kill.

Look, not even Harper thought she was killing her mother in the pilot way back when—she thought she was playing a game. The siblings tonight that donned that awful paper plate mask (awful because it looked like a clown, and clowns frighten me, and if they don’t frighten you, you’re totally lying) willingly took down poor Agent Rollins (who’s still alive) and Thomas (who’s not). The former was so Drill could cure her brother, yes, but the brother didn’t even mention a game when he questioned Thomas before shocking him to death.

Which means… Drill’s getting more ruthless, and tonight he showed just how ably he could outsmart the adults, despite requiring both electricity and a subset of humans (children, obviously) for him to carry out any task. I’ve been thinking that Drill’s no better than my Wi-Fi connection—as in, requires proper setup and connectivity, and human-help if it breaks—but clearly I’ve been underestimating this elusive, murderous, invisible entity. Drill knows what he’s doing.

And tonight, he tracked down Thomas and killed him. RIP Thomas.

Luckily (for us, anyway), Wes, Lena, and Claire embark on a mission to figure out Thomas’ past without him telling them. But first, they—along with Sean—bring Thomas to the hospital and reunite with Dr. Maria Benavidez, who I’m surprised to see looking mentally stable after what she had to go through with Sean. (I was also happy to see her team up with Sean again, though now I’m getting ahead of myself.) After Wes steps in to cover for Lena’s attempted murder, the Bennigans are taken to see Frommer, who’s turned out to be quite despicable. “Mrs. Bennigan, I’d say it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” he tells Claire, “but we’d both know we’d be lying.” (Yeah, but at least you’d have manners.) He tells them not to keep following Drill’s trail, but of course, as soon as the foursome meet up again, they decide to do just that.

Claire, Lena, and Wes head to the mental institution where Thomas stayed for a decade, while Sean and Rollins remain in the hospital with Dr. Benavidez to watch over Thomas. The former’s mission is successful; the latter, oof. So let’s begin with the bad news: Shortly after Rollins figures out how many children are at the hospital and tries to put in safety measures against Drill, Drill finds him by using a little girl. She follows him inside an elevator and, after a minute, jabs him with a needle of chemicals that knock him out. And then there were two!

Sean has the sense to ask Dr. Benavidez where Rollins was injected, figuring out right away that it had to be a child who did it because the needle went in at his thigh. The two move Thomas away from electricity by taking him to… another place with electricity. But, as Sean confidently says, he can use the circuit breakers to cut out the lights.

Unfortunately, Drill has already moved on to his next target: Michael, the brother of the little girl who targeted Rollins. Michael wakes up from his coma, dons the horrible paper plate mask (seriously, why did he have to wear a mask? It’s not like adults can’t recognize he’s a child—even Sean would know he’s thigh-high!), and creepily stalks down the stairs to the circuit breaker. He turns the lights back on, then uses a padlock—which, really, Sean should have done.

Speaking of what Sean should have done, he also should have stayed with Dr. Benavidez. Alas, she leaves Thomas alone when she goes to investigate who turned on the lights, and Michael slips in, wearing the (ugh) mask. He asks Thomas to tell Drill how he killed “the first one,” but Thomas refuses to answer. And so, as Sean and Dr. Benavidez keep trying to get inside, Michael shocks Thomas. You had one job, adults. One job.

NEXT: Drill is a… demon?