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'The Whispers' recap: 'Whatever It Takes'

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Ed Araquel/ABC

The Whispers

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Drama, Suspense

Wes and Sean go head to head in the newest episode of The Whispers, and it’s really quite thrilling. But what’s even more fascinating is what we learn about the mysterious rock that is connected to Drill. Unfortunately we don’t really get any more information about Drill’s intricate plans, aside from his goal to pull an ET and “phone home” for reinforcements. it’s definitely not nearly as adorable as Spielberg’s other alien. But Drill might not be the only villain on the series.

Now it would have been easy for The Whispers to take the Wes vs. Sean storyline and make their fight all about the love triangle with Claire, and it’s true that the show deeply roots that conflict into their competitive and battling natures. But the two men are at their heart, truly trying to save their loved ones and the country in the way they understand and believe is best. But that doesn’t mean that Claire doesn’t make a choice in the end. And of course, she chooses her family, just as Wes would have done despite their still obviously lingering feelings for one another.

The episode begins with a snippet of Sean’s past right before he saw the creepy blue alien rock and crashed his plane. We then cut to the president’s war room as Sean briefs the men on what he remembers from his mission. The conversation inevitably turns to the mysterious blue rock of doom and Sean’s relationship to it. “My only clear thought was that I was connected to this thing until I touched the rock and it was gone,” Sean states from his memory.

At this point, Wes chimes in and states that this “thing” is classified as alien and will do whatever it takes to get what it wants: To destroy us. Wes tells the president the things they know about Drill so far: He communicates directly with children, though they’re still not sure (and neither are we) if this is out of necessity or not. He can seemingly only be at one place at a time (thank goodness for that). He travels electrically, and, finally, he can be identified via heat signature. But then Wes tells the president that the only way to understand his connection to the rock is for tests and experiments to be administered. And this is where Sean disagrees vehemently. “I lived with this thing in my head for three months,” Sean states. “It is intelligent; it is manipulative. And if you truly want to protect the people of this country, you will blow that rock to kingdom come.” After some debate and heated exchanges between Wes and Sean, which include Wes stating some extremely political statements like not allowing ourselves to be governed by fear (which sounds a lot like the standard presidential dialogue, “we do not negotiate with terrorists!”), the president ultimately sides with Wes and states that he’d like to see the rock himself. And after he does so, he makes the declaration that protecting the rock is priority. Unfortunately POTUS doesn’t realize that his daughter is already making friends with Drill, which makes Drill’s journey to the rock all but finished.

Sean’s boss tells him that he is not allowed to return home and give up serving his country, which is a BS excuse for keeping Sean around. The truth is, Sean’s boss wants him to undergo tests to find out more about his connection with Drill and the mysterious rock of doom. But the doctor that agrees to experiment on Sean has a change of heart the more she speaks with him and learns about his time living under the rock and Drill’s influence. Sean tells her about the vision he had while under the influence, and it looks like The Whispers has taken a page out of HBO’s The Leftovers, as Sean’s vision shows people having disappeared from the earth. No explanation is given, but it seems likely that Drill might be planning to wipe out the human race. How he plans to do it through the children is the real question. When the doctor tries to question him about Drill and higher intelligence in the universe, Sean has this great response: “Compared to ants, we are a higher intelligence, doctor. And I’m guessing we must have seemed pretty intriguing to them too, until we invented bug spray. You really think you’re the only one getting answers from this encounter? This visitor is getting them too, about us. And just when he’s learned precisely what it’s going to take to destroy us, he’s going to use that higher intelligence to do exactly that… Unless you help me stop him.”

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Meanwhile Lena is still interacting with Drill through her daughter, Minx. Lena and Minx ask Drill questions and when Lena finally asks if Drill will be staying for a long time, his response burns the lightbulbs in their backyard so bright, it’s almost blinding. Clearly he’s found a new home and he’s willing to take it by force. When Lena asks Drill to leave her daughter alone and use her for his work in exchange, he doesn’t respond to her right away (though the show Minx is watching times out to answer Lena perfectly, which was pretty creepy). Instead, Minx shows up in Lena’s bedroom in the middle of the night and states that Drill is open to making a deal with Lena. Yeah, because that’s not ominous at all.

The doctor continues to try and question Sean’s unwavering belief that the rock needs to be destroyed. When she asks him why Drill hasn’t just killed us by stopping our hearts (since we know he can control our electrical impulses in our bodies when he helped Amanda out of her coma), Sean tells her that maybe he has other plans for us. We don’t know what Sean means by this cryptic answer, but whatever he says is enough to get the Doctor on his side when he and Claire eventually decide to destroy the rock despite the president’s orders.

The president, while all of this is occurring, finally discovers thanks to the help of Wes, that his daughter, Cassandra, has now been communicating with Drill. Cassandra tells him that Drill needed her help to call home. Wes realizes that this means the rock isn’t a ship or a bomb, in essence it’s a phone. It’s a way for Drill to communicate with his alien brethren to let them know that earth is a party for them to attend and takeover.

Wes races over to the black site with the rock just as Sean, Claire and the doctor’s plan to destroy the rock is failing. Military men shoot the doctor while she tries to set up an EMP using a reverse electromagnetic field to basically create a bomb to destroy the rock. Wes stops the men, but it’s seemingly too late as Drill is already at the black site. Sean blows the dreaded thing up anyway and it looks as though all is well. But we’re only on episode 7 folks, so it’s likely that Drill already got his message out into the universe. Earth could become one big feeding ground soon, and now I’m not sure what Sean, Wes, and Claire can do to stop it.