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'The Whispers' recap: 'The Archer'

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The Whispers

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I think it’s safe to say that at this point in The Whispers, we won’t totally know what Drill is until the last possible second, which makes seeing hashtags and promos touting his identity all the more frustrating. However in this week’s episode “The Archer,” we do get one step closer to the truth as we actually get to see Drill, kind of. Your regular, expert The Whispers recapper Shirley Li is out for a few weeks and I’m glad to be stepping into whatever the hell is going on with this show. At this point, I’m more confused than anything else. So I’ll be turning to you all for help. What on earth is happening? Let’s delve into the episode and see if we can’t break a couple of things down.

We start with West touching the mysterious rock from the Pit of Doom and getting a bit of a shock. He seems taken aback at first, then smiles in a way that reminded me this guy once had no problem maiming and killing people on Revenge. Guys, I’m going to make one thing very clear: Barry Sloane is the epitome of creepy sexy.

We then move to Claire’s bedroom where she’s poring over Drill-related information and realizes that Henry is out of bed. As she searches through the house for the kid, he shows up in her room looking at pictures of Drill’s other kid best friends and ominously tells his mother: “Drill has lots of friends.” This series really does a great job capitalizing on the creepy kids concept. Kudos The Whispers.

Meanwhile, Wes talks about the effect that the object from the Pit of Doom has. He explains it like a kind of meteorite that holds some kind of charge, almost as if it were “defending itself.” Wes’ colleagues are overwhelmed by the possible future this object can bring, but little do they know now that the rock, whose origin is unknown, is definitely from outer space, as its makeup is unlike anything the scientists have seen.

After speaking with Henry, Claire gets an idea for how to find out more about Drill: Get together a pow wow of children who claim Drill is their friend and see if some secrets come pouring out. As Claire tells her boss, when children come together to talk, “secrets become very hard to keep.” Claire gets many of the parents on board including Harper’s, Henry’s, and Kelly’s, but when Claire goes to Lena to convince her to let Minx join the study, Lena declines. She’s not fond of the idea as it puts Minx in a vulnerable position to which Claire replies that they’re all already in vulnerable positions. Nevertheless Lena stands her ground and the study continues on without her. Of course, Wes gets some pressure from his boss to contain the problem, and so Wes hijacks Claire’s study by adding in a military presence, thermal cameras, and the works. While Claire and the other parents protest at first, they come around, and the study reveals that the kids trust and like Drill because he helped them all in various ways. For example, Harper says Drill is the one who fixed her mother Amanda, and Henry tells the gang that he got his hearing back because of Drill.

When Claire asks why Drill doesn’t like her, the kids tell her “Drill doesn’t like it when we get older” and “Drill doesn’t like it when we keep secrets from him.” And when Claire asks what Drill wants in return for helping each of the kids get something they want, Harper tells her that Drill is sad and misses his family. This is where we get yet another creepy explanation into Drill’s plans, courtesy once again of Harper.

Claire: “So there are others? Others like Drill?”

Harper: “I think so, but they’re not here. Drill had to come first. He had to find the food.”

NEXT: Creepy Things Keep On Happening[pagebreak]

Despite Lena not letting Minx join the kid pow wow, she still gets some information about Drill, albeit it it scares the crap out of her and rightly so. Lena overhears Minx talking to Drill about Claire and how Lena wouldn’t let Minx join Claire’s pow wow with the other kids. Minx says rather creepily that she doesn’t like Claire because Drill doesn’t. So Lena decides to take matters into her own hands and ask Minx if Drill will be Lena’s friend by playing a game. Come on Lena, don’t you know that in thrillers, playing games never ends well? She tells Minx to stand outside the door of the bathroom and have Drill answer some questions Lena asks. When she puts up a number of fingers, he gets the answer right. When she asks Minx to have Drill tell her what Lena is holding, he gets it right again. Lena is certainly freaking out, and rightfully so.

As Claire gets deeper and deeper into the relationships of the kids and Drill, suddenly the lights turn out and the kids and Claire are trapped in their room. Wes demands people to try and open the door and catches something incredible on the thermal cameras: Drill. The kids plead over and over for Drill not to be mad at them and to find out what he wants from them. But he’s not talking to anyone. In fact, Kelly is the only person who seems to really be able to see/hear/sense (?) him. The thermal cameras basically just pick up a foreign, floating entity above Henry’s head as Henry tells Claire that Drill is with him. When the lights finally go back on and the door is busted open, Kelly says “I have a message for you from Drill: ‘You’re not going to win.’”

Sean is still having trouble recalling his memories and seems more than a little frustrated that he can’t remember his time with his wife though he says he’s feeling a pull from something that he can’t quite understand. “Something is grabbing me at the pit of my stomach,” he says. “I haven’t felt like this since the desert.”

Milo Ventimiglia doesn’t have too much to do in the episode aside from furthering Sean’s relationship with the rock. Eventually Sean begins punching the window of his cell demanding Wes and Claire take him to the object Wes found. When Sean finally sees the creepy blue thing, he reaches out to touch it and his hand sinks into it. He appears to be absorbing something and when he’s finally jolted back, he tells Claire that he remembers everything. And he means everything—which is made clear by the look he gives Wes.

What exactly was Drill doing to Henry moments before the door was opened in the playroom? What did the rock do that allowed Sean to regain his memories? What in the world is Drill? It always seems to be one step forward, three steps back when it comes to getting information on this show. And yet I can’t stop watching.