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The Whispers recap: Collision

Wes meets Harper, Claire traces Sean’s footsteps, and Sean and Dr. Benavidez go on a road trip to a nuclear power plant.

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Eike Schroter/ABC

The Whispers

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Drama, Suspense

In its third episode, The Whispers doesn’t get any closer to revealing what Drill is, but it does give us our first flashback, another possible kid-caused death, and a clean-shaven Milo Ventimiglia, which kind of makes up for it.

Let’s begin with that flashback: Sean and Claire are fighting in their bedroom. Actually, make that non-fighting, as Claire’s wracked with guilt over her affair with Wes while Sean makes blow after blow to her character, asking “Why don’t you just ask your conscience?” and “Who says I want to fix this?” and “Why? Why did you do it, Claire?” He’s not convinced she doesn’t love Wes, so he leaves anyway after stopping to check on Henry.

Claire, remembering all this, cries while looking through Sean’s bag and tells her mother her husband’s still alive. “I have to find out what’s really happening,” she decides, right as Agent Rollins tattletales on Claire’s behavior to the director. He calls Claire a liability, but is warned to avoid judging his partner too harshly.

Wes is also trying to figure out what’s really happening. He comes a step closer when his team replays the final footage of Jackson, the little boy who blew up the building where is mother worked, and notices that Jackson had been waiting for someone to arrive before making his move. That someone turns out to be David Miller, a tech who had tried to send an attachment image to the head of the nuclear regulatory commission before Jackson made his move. The head of the nuclear regulatory commission is none other than Harper’s dad (!!!), which leads Wes to Harper (!!!), and Wes to find out that Harper had talked to Claire (!!!). (But Wes doesn’t find out Harper’s BFF is also Drill. Good going, Wes.)

Too bad one mystery slowly begins to untangle just as another one forms: While poking around Sean’s bag, Claire finds a receipt with a string of numbers on it. A clue! Detective Claire goes on a mini-road trip to figure out what the numbers mean… at the same time Sean and Dr. Benavidez’s road trip does. The unlucky doctor has no idea where she’s supposed to be driving Sean, but Sean’s confident they’ll end up at their destination anyway.

Minx, meanwhile, isn’t so blindly confident anymore. She’s talking to a child psychiatrist, who tells her Drill isn’t real and that she should stop playing with him. That’s not so easily done. When Lena talks to the psychiatrist after Minx leaves, Drill tries to bring Minx back on his side. He plays Donora’s “Play Nice” and even cranks up the volume with his weird electric-whispery powers, but Minx isn’t fooled. Instead, she turns the radio off. Take that, invisible entity!

The Adventures of Sean and Dr. Benavidez continue as they arrive at a convenience store. Sean makes her buy shaving cream, razors, and scissors, but she manages to slip the clerk Claire’s business card, giving him a significant look as Sean pulls her away to the bathroom. But when the clerk calls, Claire isn’t at her desk, because she’s at the bakery Sean visited, where he scrawled down the string of mystery numbers. “What the hell are you doing, Sean?”

He’s grooming, Claire. There’s a lot to shave. He takes so long Dr. Benavidez grows impatient and asks how he even knows where to go. He tries to explain that he just receives the answers, and as he tells her he knows he’s not crazy—he already talked to a psychiatrist, and it didn’t help—the lights begin to flicker and The Whispers start doing their thing. Sean listens and realizes it’s a warning: Agent Rollins, who picked up Claire’s phone when the clerk called, has led a team to track Sean down. They’re too late to catch Sean, however, making that a dead end for the FBI’s hunt.

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