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'The Whispers' recap: 'Hide and Seek'

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Eike Schroter/ABC

The Whispers

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Tonight’s episode is titled “Hide and Seek,” but with all that running and chasing, “Tag” would have worked better. The FBI chases Wes, who chases Claire, who chases Sean, who chases… Drill? …another “player”? …his next tattoo design?

Sean Bennigan’s motive right now doesn’t make much sense, but at least we’re getting a better idea of what happened to his plane. The hour begins with a flashback of a boy who witnesses the plane crash—or rather, a hurtling fireball in the sky—and later finds Sean’s name tag and the mysterious footprints. When the boy’s light goes out, however, he screams, and we never see him again.

Let’s hope things turn out better for Henry, who’s drawing a picture of Sean (he even captions it with the wish that he’ll be a pilot just like his dad, aww, I’m not crying, you’re crying) and telling Claire about his “new friend,” when Claire hears the doorbell go off again and again. Someone‘s impatient. That someone turns out to be Drill (at least, I think it had to be Drill), who not only rang the doorbell to lure Claire away, but made the kitchen lights flicker and the microwave spin and the numbers “111215” to show up—the same numbers Sean has tattooed on his arm.

Speaking of Sean, he spends much of the episode awkwardly avoiding people and rummaging through things. The first time we see him, he’s walking through a park and glaring at people who stare at him, until he finds a bag of his things that he somehow remembers stashing in a tree. He removes what looks like a bloody fragment of fulgurite, examines it, then repacks it before walking toward D.C. The second time we see him, he’s in a storage facility, looking at a Wall of Crazy Carrie Mathison would be proud of (or tear apart for not being properly color-coded). The wall has a picture of Harper, several news clippings, and messages like “This man knows!” and “How many more?” scrawled across the pages. Whispers (!!!) echo through the hall, and lights flicker. Clearly, Sean (or Sean under Drill’s influence?) isn’t wasting any time.

Also not wasting any time: Lena. When she sees Wes sleeping on the couch, ignorant of all the calls from Claire, she tells him to talk to Minx ASAP—after all, their daughter’s got a creepy new friend in Drill, who’s encouraging Minx to print something. (Great game, Drill!) She looks crestfallen as she plays with her gigantic dollhouse and says she’ll think of another way to do his bidding, just as Wes steps into her room to chat. “You talk in nice voices but you don’t sound nice,” Minx tells Wes, dropping yet another one of her truth bombs. “Just because we don’t sound nice, that doesn’t mean we don’t love each other,” he replies. “No matter what, the three of us, we are a family. Nothing’s gonna change that.”

It’s an empty promise in the end, even if Wes doesn’t realize it yet. Right after he says this, he drives away from home, only to get cut off by Claire, who’s been waiting to ambush him ever since he called her about Sean not being dead. (Considering his lack of memory though, can we call him “mostly dead“?) Wes tells her to calm down and to stop harassing him, because he’s the Jon Snow of the show and knows nothing. Good thing she does: Claire shows Wes the picture of Sean she printed from her abnormally slow-running laptop, and when Wes grows worried about Sean being a national security threat, she provokes him. “Since when have you been worried about breaking the rules?” she asks. “Since I broke too many of them,” he (hokily) says. By the time he’s talking to the defense secretary about Sean’s case, Wes looks even more worried. He’s tasked with figuring out what happened to Sean, and forms his teams—one to investigate what type of weapon could have caused the fulgurite to snatch the plane, and another to find Sean. He begins by putting a tail on Claire—just in case Sean comes for her.

Claire, however, is intent on finding Sean first. When she gets back to work, she convinces Rollins they don’t have enough proof to tie Sean to Drill, so they go to talk to Harper again. Harper’s not as responsive as she was the first time Claire came to talk to her (though the actress is just as cute in real life), because Drill has promised he’ll wake her mom up if she doesn’t reveal anything. “Please don’t make me lose,” she begs Claire. “I want my mommy back.” Claire thinks she finds a loophole when she tries to have Harper talk to Dr. Benavidez, but just as Harper begins to whisper (!!!) in the doctor’s ear, the lights flicker, and she stops. Luckily, Claire gets something out of this encounter: Dr. Benavidez recognizes Sean in the police sketch, and tells her he was at the hospital. You’re getting closer, Claire!

NEXT: You’re it, Doc…


Minx has found a newer friend for Drill: Tania. She instructs her to print out a file on a USB drive, and in return, Drill will show her magic. “It doesn’t sound like a very fun game,” Tania says. Agreed, Tania. Agreed.

Back at the hospital, Claire, Rollins, and Dr. Benavidez talk about Sean. When the agents learn Sean had a tattoo that looked like a treehouse, Rollins is convinced Sean is the guy they should be after. The only problem? Claire hasn’t told him Sean’s her husband, and when she does, Rollins is perturbed. He believes that husband or not, they should find Sean and take him in. Claire isn’t so sure, and finds the doctor again to hand her her business card. This way, Claire says, Dr. Benavidez can let her know first if Sean turns up again. Sean’s curious about the doctor, too—we see him call the hospital and find out when her shift ends.

Wes is putting pieces together on his end (he sees a satellite feed that shows the fulgurite somehow moving) when he gets a call and races home. His house is being turned upside down, because the Defense Department’s server had been accessed through his computer. Wes ends up blaming Lena for possibly looking through his files to find the emails he sent Claire, and the two fight until Minx walks in and confesses she went into his computer. “Stop it,” she says tearily. “You’re supposed to be yelling at me.” It doesn’t get better for Wes’ family from there, when he squabbles with the director about his affair with Claire, and Lena overhears.

At the same time, Claire figures out where Sean is when she sees Dr. Benavidez struggling to find her wallet and keys. As she races off to find Sean, Sean is off on his own adventure, trespassing into Dr. Benavidez’s house and making a mess to find a gun (how did he know it was there? did I miss something?), before taking a much-needed shower. The good: The scene offers gratuitous shots from above and outside the shower door. The bad: Sean collapses halfway through and wakes up with an intense need to scrawl something onto the floor. Another mystery!

By the time Claire reaches the house, Wes is hot on her tail. She takes her gun inside and hears Sean upstairs, nearly catching him. As Wes chases her, and she chases Sean, the camera pans to the wires above as the sound of whispers (!!!) fill the air. (Is Drill… watching?) Claire nearly catches Sean, but when she finally sees his face, a bus passes and he disappears. (I hate how that always happens.) She lies to Wes when he catches up, telling him he “never got a good look.”

With all this action between adults, let’s return to the kids, shall we? Here’s Harper, talking to Drill again and asking him to wake her mom up, until she sighs and accepts that she has to do more to get what she wants. Here’s Henry, who’s watching TV and answering the questions posed by the show—out loud—until his grandmother overhears and he has to lie. When she turns it off and tells him he should be in bed, the TV turns on by itself, and Henry creeps up close to the screen, watching the static. (Kids and scary things happening with a TV? I hate how that always happens.) And finally, heeeeeeere’s Minx, who’s wandering her neighborhood alone, thanking Drill because she doesn’t want to be home anymore. The street lights flicker as she walks to the playground and its Blue Tunnel of Doom, clutching her blanket, turning on her flashlight, and examining a piece of paper that turns out to be…

…a wiring diagram for a reactor, according to the tiny print on the page I glimpsed on the screen. Could it be a nuclear reactor tied to Harper’s dad’s job, not just Wes? Probably. Claire’s almost figuring this out as well—she went back to Dr. Benavidez’s home and found that Sean drew the logo on the bathroom floor. And Sean? He’s pointing a gun at Dr. Benavidez, who’s likely about to have the worst night of her life. On his arm is a fresh tattoo. It shows—you guessed it!—the logo he drew on the bathroom floor. With Sean, Harper, Minx, and Henry in play, that means Drill: 4; Claire: 0.

With all that, I’ve got some new questions:

  • If Drill can control lights and microwaves and doorbells and computers, can’t he also control printers? Or was it part of his plan for Minx to get caught?
  • Remember the magazine spread showing the president Claire connected to Harper’s drawing? Is Claire no longer concerned with whether the president has anything to do with Drill?
  • With those mysterious numbers and that mysterious downed plane, this series does so far have shades of Lost, but only shades. Drill’s intentions aren’t that clear, but he’s a villain(?) who’s good at moving his pieces. The only trouble is, manipulating kids is a slow process—it took two episodes to get that diagram printed. At this rate, Drill might start to, ahem, bore if the show doesn’t peel back more layers about who or what he is soon. Anyone else with me on this?