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The Walking Dead

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Simon, meanwhile, reveals he’s there to take Dr. Carson (Maggie’s doctor and the brother of the doc who got burned alive a couple episodes ago) back to serve Negan at The Sanctuary. But he’s not leaving them high and dry: He drops off a massive crate filled with Aspirin. Gregory makes a bold move by bringing Simon to a secluded spot by the wall to bargain for their only medical expert. However, he nearly slips the fact that he might be overthrown by his own people. Simon offers to take care of that problem should it ever arise.

I’ve come to expect most of these Savior visits to be less stressful than they appear to be — unless they involve The Kingdom. Richard’s and now Morgan’s rage have revealed themselves in ways that heighten the tension. People across Hilltop and Alexandria are equally fed up with the regime. If they further poked the bear in subtle ways, it would produce the dread of, “Will Negan find out Rick’s plan? Will someone slip and bring about a preemptive brawl?” That hasn’t happened beyond The Kingdom since the coup was devised.

We soon get another rare, heartfelt confessional between Sasha and Rosita after the two find a car and stake themselves out in a building overlooking the entrance to The Sanctuary, where they spot Eugene ordering people around. Having been a brooding ball of rage for the past few episodes, we get a peek at Rosita’s past before the outbreak. She passed herself from guy to guy, learning their trades and then breaking things off when she outgrew them, which accounts for her unique set of skills. But when she met Abraham, she saw someone who considered her with the same regard. So when he broke things off, she turned her aggression to Sasha when she really was upset that he moved on before her. A moment like this was needed for Rosita, who’s been frustrating to watch for some time as she makes reckless decision after reckless decision. But now we have an idea why.

When they hear cars driving up, they position for Negan’s arrival. They watch as he comes out to greet his new addition, Dr. Carson, but Sasha can’t get a clean shot. So when they hear Eugene over the walkie saying Negan will be “indisposed in the boudoir,” they decide to infiltrate beyond the fence — a decision that will likely lead to one or both of their deaths.

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At Hilltop, Gregory is taking the Eugene route: Mistaking Simon’s offer as an act of genuine friendship, he commands Jesus to kick out the newbies from his trailer and put them to work, threatening to tattle on them to The Saviors should they revolt. Sooner or later, someone’s going to have to kill this man. Let’s hope it’s sooner.

Before Jesus leaves the mansion, Daryl storms in asking about Sasha and Rosita. Speaking of the devils, they rush up to the fence when Eugene is outside and try to rescue him, but he doesn’t want to leave and instead hurries back inside. After a few expletives at his betrayal, Rosita cuts away the fence. Sasha tells her to keep a look out as she pries it open the rest of the way, but instead she slips through herself and locks Rosita outside.

I get that Sonequa Martin-Green now has a role on Star Trek: Discovery, so she was probably gonna die anyway. But this move seemed cheap, and I didn’t buy it. By all accounts, she seemed like she wanted to live. She first offered the option of sniping Negan from a distance, then asked Rosita to teach her how to tie knots just in case it came in handy, but she always had Rosita in this with her as backup. I also still don’t see how she felt she wasn’t needed by anyone. If she truly felt that way, she could’ve been given more screen time to unravel that — maybe instead of watching Tara’s Oceanside excursion for an entire episode.

There’s a glimmer of hope, though, that she may live at least a bit longer. As Rosita rushes off in tears over the thought of Sasha’s presumed fate, she sees the shadow of Daryl, standing in the dark with his crossbow. With only a few episodes left, we’re on the brink of another blowout.

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